Our Next Chapter by Michelle Sullivan – Review by Sara Oxton

Our Next ChapterOur Next Chapter by Michelle Sullivan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Our Next Chapter by Michelle Sullivan a five-star read you will love. This is a great second chance romance and yet another great read by this author, she is an author who has the talent to surprise you, as you start the story and its good, but slow burning and then you start to care about the characters and you start to really get to know them and then boom suddenly it’s become one of those books you cant put down and you have to finish, you have to read every page like it’s the last. Karalyn and Des have a great friendship and that runs through the story making it deeper and deeper, it’s the best type of friendship the one where you can go for ages without speaking and then pick up where you left off, it takes work but has a great base. Because of that this is a great story and you will adore it like an old friend.

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