An Improper Encounter (The Macalisters Book 3) by Erica Taylor – Review by Jenni Bishop

An Improper Encounter (The Macalisters, #3)An Improper Encounter by Erica Taylor
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An Improper Encounter (The Macalisters Book 3) by Erica Taylor is an historical romance with with lots of mystery and drama, heartache and suspense, scandal and attempted murder, lies and deceit. As I have mentioned before historical romances are not my thing unless they are done right and trust me Erica has done it right. The characters in this series are family and are in each and every book, given there are so many of them, so I suggest you read the other two books before reading this one, so you know and understand their wonderful background and their stories, which makes the reading experience so much better. Erica has thrown in quite a few twists to this plot and keeps you guessing all the way through.

Sarah survived being ill treated in a horrible marriage but is now a widow. She helped/helps raise her younger siblings after the death of her parents and has always acted like the lady she is expected to be in society, even though she is tired of it. Whilst away, her best friend dares her to put aside propriety and just live.

William Gordon gets the shock of his life, when stopping at an Inn, where he meets the lovely widow. Travelling together brings them closer than they ever could have imagined and promises were made. Unfortunately lies and deceit had other ideas that lead to pain and heartache, sorrow and hate and broken hearts.

I recommend this series to all historical romance lovers and even those who are not and want to take a chance like I did.

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