The Light at Dawn by K.L. Montgomery ~ Review by Liz Vrchota

The Light at DawnThe Light at Dawn by K.L. Montgomery
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I would like to say that there is enough warning out there to prepare you for the emotional rollercoaster ride that this book will take you on, but quite frankly that just isn’t the case with The Light as Dawn. K.L. Montgomery is normally a one-click author for me so it was a no-brainer to pre-order this beauty the moment I set my eyes on it and heard she had a sad book for us to devour. I had expected a rom-com with a bit more of the heavy sad here and there, more along the lines of what we would see from K.L. Montgomery in the past, and this is quite not what we got. I loved it though! Every stinking gut wrenching, tear inducing, kindle throwing, yelling, and kicking, screaming, bit of it! There was never a safe moment in my reading, just when I found my footing and would settle in, Montgomery would throw another curveball that would have me on my knees in tears and asking how and why all over again.

Now for details I won’t go into. They need to be kept to themselves because they are critical to the storyline and that I won’t ruin. But you will meet Angelina and Mark in their darkest hours, moments I am not sure I would even be able to survive, and how they are able to despite the pain and the sacrifices it requires of them. These two really made my heart swell, I just fell for them completely and I think it will be hard to top these two as favorite leads for 2019 reads. I really loved how Montgomery was able to take something that is a heated and conflicting topic that is constant and on our minds every day in one way or another no matter your age, gun violence, and build a productive story without choosing a side so to speak. It was really about the story that needed to be told, the characters and what they needed to relate. Much kudos for that! I will definitely be putting this one on my TBR reread list and snagging a hard copy for the shelf asap! Thank you so much for this beautiful story and reminder of hope Ms. Montgomery!

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