Romance in Rehoboth Boxed Set (Books 4-6): A Small Town Romantic Comedy Series by K.L. Montgomery – Review by Liz Vrchota

Romance in Rehoboth is a series from one of my absolute favorite romance authors, KL Montgomery. These novels will entertain you for hours with laughter, tears, and heartwarming love that will restore your faith in the modern day love story. I have enjoyed this entire series and was ecstatic to find out these were released in box sets to be enjoyed in one sitting and shared easily with others. That is one of the best things about box sets is getting the ability to easily give the books you love to someone else. This is the collection of books four through six and has; Badge Bunny, Wedding War, and Stage Mom all in one place. I have included a bit of a review for my favorite out of these three, Badge Bunny but all books are fab and worth a read!


Gahhhh! I adored Badge Bunny from KL Montgomery. Montgomery is a one-click author for me and I generally get her books without even reading the synopsis because I know it will be amazing what I read between the covers if it is from her! I have adored every single book in the Romance in Rehoboth series. Each time I find myself saying, I love this couple the most out of all of the Rehoboth couples, then bam! KL throws me for a loop and I suddenly find myself changing my opinion after each book. I have personally read all the books available in this series, but they are written to where you don’t have to in order to enjoy each one. I would recommend that you do though because we see pieces of each couple throughout the series, and well they all rock. So why not? One-click the whole series and set aside a day to spend in Rehoboth!

In Badge Bunny we get the story of Chris and Brynne. These two were some really fun characters to read. Brynne is a doctor, but there is more to her than just that. In the past she has made the repeated mistake of falling for men with badges, hence her nickname of ‘Badge Bunny’. She isn’t a huge fan of the nickname, or the past hurts that these men have caused her. So she has decided to swear off men with a badge. This doesn’t really prove to be an issue until she runs into Chris at a wedding of mutual friends.

Chris, a state trooper and a badge man, has had a thing for Brynne from the moment he laid his eyes on her in the ER. It isn’t until they are forced to work together in a crisis at a friend’s wedding that he even gets a chance to get to know the real Brynne.

Both Brynne and Chris have secrets that will come into play and prose some issues that will need to be worked through together. When a romance starts to finally blossom between the two will they be able to find a way to make it work?

I can promise this will have you laughing side-splitting laughs out loud one moment, and choking back tears the next. Just the right balance of everything makes this an engaging and relatable novel to devour. I can’t wait to see what will come next from KL Montgomery!

Romance in Rehoboth Boxed Set (Books 4-6): A Small Town Romantic Comedy Series by K.L. Montgomery – Review by Erin Wolf

I give Romance in Rehoboth Boxed Set (Books 4-6): A Small Town Romantic Comedy Series by K.L. Montgomery, 5 stars.

This set and entire series are really what make me love romance. I will admit, it is not my first pick in genres, but this set really helped sell me on just how good and how fun romance can be. The author does an amazing job of making the characters seem so real. I am blown away every time at how they could easily be people I know. At the same time, each book is different from one another while still feeling like they all fit together. You will see characters from previous books make an appearance, plus there is the wonderful setting of the beach to make it a must read for the summer. For those who live or vacation in Slower Lower, you will recognize locations and it will feel even more real. I was so excited to see a romance series set here!

If you enjoy romantic comedies set at the beach with strong writing and awesome characters, this set is for you. The set can be read by itself, but I do suggest reading all of the books because they are so enjoyable.

Review by @erinwolf79

Romance in Rehoboth Boxed Set (Books 4-6): A Small Town Romantic Comedy Series by K.L. Montgomery – Review by Faith Jackson

This is a first boxed set of 3 extra books from author K.L. Montgomery. In this first novel, “Badge Bunny,” we meet an ER doc, Brynne Miller AKA Badge Bunny, who has a thing for cops. That is until she meets and swears off cop Chris Everson. Chris is living up his dream life as he’s got everything anybody could ever ask for: Friends, his dream job, and a home on the beach. Except he’s got a secret as well that none of his friends or the other ladies (past or present) know about. Since her first impression of Chris, she’s vowed to never date him. And aren’t first impressions everything? We’ll find out in this page-turner which is guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours.
In the second novel, “Wedding War,” temptation and old feelings die hard as rival families merge together to save their family’s businesses. Jason Friday’s family has been catering to the grooms of Delmarva for forty years while Hannah Robinson’s family has been doing the same for thirty years. Over the past twenty years both families have become enemies as their businesses grew. That all changed once they were met with a common enemy in a new superchain of shops, Uber Brides. Can they come together to save one another’s businesses except their chemistry gets hotter the more they work together and what happens if they delve into their desire?
In the third novel, “Stage Mom,” Larissa Emerson, is a mom of a special needs daughter who wants her kid to be treated the same as everybody else and she’ll do what it takes to make sure it happens. She’s got a powerful personality, sarcastic, and her dislike for men who have toyed with her through past failures. She’s prepared to put up a fight for her daughter to be a part of the beauty pageant as well. Mateo Flores takes his job seriously as this is his first job heading the Little Miss Rehoboth pageant and he doesn’t plan to mess it up. That is until Hurricane Larissa comes storming into his world and he can’t stand to say no to the force of nature that is she.
This is a great collection of books that will keep you entertained. Loved this series. Beautiful characters and beautiful writing as usual from Ms. K.L. Montgomery.

Romance in Rehoboth Boxed Set (Books 1-3): A Small Town Romantic Comedy Series by K.L. Montgomery – Review by Faith Jackson

Romance in Rehoboth Boxed Set (Books 1-3)Romance in Rehoboth Boxed Set by K.L. Montgomery
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

From “Music Man,” I was addicted but I will read anything by K.L. Montgomery. She’s quickly becoming one of my new favorite authors although I’ve read plenty of her books. This series is simply the best of the romance genre I’ve ever read so far.
With each novel in this collection, you learn why I fell in love with K.L. Montgomery’s writing. Everything she writes is gold for the heart as it touches your soul with lessons on just about everything from learning to love yourself to following your dreams or searching for the love of your life. The women in these books are heroines who find men who fall in love with more than just their beautiful bodies but every part of their mind, body, spirit and soul.
Each novel is set in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware where it’s a paradise in the U.S.
The first novel is about acceptance and self-love. She’s fresh off of a divorce, her future looks bright with a brand-new job as well and she’s turning fabulous 40! Claire Sterling is looking to revamp her life with her gay best friend, the help of a therapist and fitness program. This “Fat Girl” is taking her life back and the man of her dreams with her! This one was a funny read: Very entertaining.
In the second novel, I love the author’s sense of humor. This keeps me cracking up! These rival nerds have been at one another’s throats all their academic school ages. Ten years later, they came together after becoming heirs to a home in Bethany Beach, Delaware. Both are willing to put their petty ways to the side for the sake of the cottage as both their futures depend on it. Aunt Penny is playing matchmaker from the grave in this romantic novel. So steamy!
In the third novel, we find Claire who has just written a musical as she tries to make a simple accountant her leading man. Fresh off of a divorce, he’s not interested in anything but his job especially since that’s how he met his ex-wife. Linda Larson is behind the scenes making what happens onstage a reality but her girlfriends want her to get on stage to let her talents show. Follow us through this novel as you’re in over your head with how steamy these books go.
I loved every novel from start to finish, especially the characters. K.L. has a way to make them all come alive through each word. Great series!

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Music Man (Romance in Rehoboth #1) by K.L. Montgomery – Review by Anna Hirsch

Music Man (Romance in Rehoboth Book 1)Music Man by K.L. Montgomery
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Music Man (Romance in Rehoboth #1) by K.L. Montgomery
4 Stars

This series is all about sweet romance. I was silly and read the other books before this. It was nice to be able to go back and see the beginning of Claire and Jack. Jack is a music teacher who had always dreamed of being a rock star. Claire pushes him to join a singing contest which he wins and ends up heading to the Nationals. Some chaotic craziness happens which puts their relationship in danger.

The thing I like best is that the characters are relatable. They are real people with real problems and real insecurities. Claire is not a skinny girl and deals with her self confidence about her size. Jack is not some muscle man that looks like a greek god. He’s a regular single dad with a crazy ex wife. They are charismatic and readers can easily connect and understand them. The story is refreshingly funny especially with Claire’s inner dialogue. It’s an easy read that I definitely recommend.

Review by @Anna Hirsch
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Romance in Rehoboth Boxed Set (Books 4-6): A Small Town Romantic Comedy Series by K.L. Montgomery – Review by Bobbi Wagner

I loved this box set. It is books four through six which are just as awesome as books one through three which I highly suggest reading as well. I have read many, many of this author’s books and she continues to impress me with her writing skills as well as her attention to details. The characters bring the stories to life and make you feel as if you are right there with them. They bring heat, non stop romance and laughter to each story. I found myself connecting to each one as they bring small town romances to life. You will find a wedding, a single mom and an ER doctor, what will fate have in store for all of them? Will they have happily ever afters? I highly recommend reading this boxset to find out what happens with them.

Review by @bjwagner

Romance in Rehoboth Box Set (Books 4-6) A Small Town Romantic Comedy Series by K.L.Montgomery – Review by Cindy Mayberry

Romance In Rehoboth
Box Set Books 1-3
Music Man
A Single Dad Rock Star
Romantic Comedy
(Romance in Rehoboth
Book 1)
By K.L. Montgomery
What can I say about this book? It’s a full length Romantic Comedy with a twist of Rock Star. This book can be a standalone. Although I don’t think it will be for many people. My review is on book 4 Badge Bunny.

Jack loves his music. Sense he can follow his dream at the moment, he settles for the next best thing. Teaching Music! But let’s not forget that little cutie Mariana, Jack’s daughter. The two have a special bond, one of love and for Jack’s dedication.

Claire has the gumption to get it done. She is also strong in her conviction. If she decides on something, she follows through. Learning to play the piano. Is really where she wants to be. Feelings are shared and this story is off and running.

K.L. Montgomery is a fabulous writer! The Jack and Claire story is just one example. Her characters are just everyday people, making the best out of life. The women are strong and not whiny, the men are real people. I love this story and can’t wait to read the series. I have read many of K.L. Montgomery ‘ s books and find this series is becoming my “Can’t wait for the next one” series. Well Done!

Romance in Rehoboth Boxed Set (Books 4-6): A Small Town Romantic Comedy Series by K.L. Montgomery – Review by Kerry Baker

Romance in Rehoboth Boxed Set (Books 4-6): A Small Town Romantic Comedy series by K.L. Montgomery is a brilliant collection of books that is definitely worth reading.

Each of these books is about different characters and has a different angle from the last book. They are all so well written, engaging and relatable that you will fall in love with them all!!!

For me it is the characters in these books that really got to me. They all felt so real. Their struggles, the journeys they go on, they all really felt like they were things that could happen. It made it so much easier to connect with them.

If you haven’t read this series yet that I would highly recommend doing so! You will be in for such a treat, and will not be disappointed.

Romance in Rehoboth Boxed Set (Books 4-6): A Small Town Romantic Comedy Series by K.L. Montgomery – Review by Lucy Berson

Romance in Rehoboth Books 4-6 by K.L. Montgomery.
I absolutely loved all three of these funny and amazing books. Ms. Montgomery has a way of writing that she pulls you in and makes you feel as though you are actually involved in the story.
I absolutely loved and fell in love with Wedding War. The chemistry between Hannah and Jason was there from the beginning. I loved how they worked together even though they should have stayed far apart from each other.
I enjoyed these books and I look forward to many more books by this author!!!

Music Man (Romance in Rehoboth #1) by K.L. Montgomery – Review by Tracy Manderson

Music Man (Romance in Rehoboth Book 1)Music Man by K.L. Montgomery
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Music Man (Romance in Rehoboth Book 1) by K.L. Montgomery

5out of 5 stars

Music man by K.L. Montgomery was a great read it’s a book that pulled me in from the beginning and I didn’t want to put it down until I had finished the last page. I loved reading about the characters of Jack and Claire even when I first met them in Fat Girl. Music Man is about chasing your dreams and second chances. I just simply loved it. The characters are great, and the plot was amazing and different.
Claire dares Jack to audition for Benefiting the support art foundations and he wins now so now he must leave Claire for six weeks. What could happen in six weeks? What will happen to Jack and Claire when the six weeks are up will Jack choose his first love music or Claire? Can Claire compete with all this hype and does she really want too?

You will need to read this amazing story to find out. I highly recommend this story….


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