The Light at Dawn by K.L. Montgomery – Review by Sarah Oakes

The Light at DawnThe Light at Dawn by K.L. Montgomery
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A great read about heartbreak. Angelia’s world is turned upside down when her son Evan is killed by a shooter at school. Lost in grief she decides to tell Evans story at a conference on school shootings. Whilst on a conference, she meets Mark, a single father who has also lost somebody. Can two broken hearts become one and heal together?
A great read. Well developed plot. Well developed characters like Angelia struggling with her feelings but still standing up for herself or Mark harsh exterior but kind underneath. Great cast of supporting characters like the kind Emily or the sweet Jarren.
I loved the visual detail throughout the novel with the vivid sense of colour like the sunrise with its soft pinks and dark blues in simple beauty. Or the bright greens of the funeral against the coffin perfectly wirtten
Having it written in Angelia’s perspective was a good idea to display her journey through it all. The theme of loss was beautifully written as sad and sweet and emotive. Overall, a great read and o would give it five stars

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