The Perfect Duchess (The Macalisters Book 2) by Erica Taylor – Review by Michelle Austin

The Perfect Duchess (The Macalisters, #2)The Perfect Duchess by Erica Taylor
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Perfect Duchess was a good 4 star read.
This is Andrew and Clara’s story.

We start out at Andrew’s birthday party where he sees Lady Clara, she has been the only one that has gotten his attention in the past few years. When he searches her out for a dance he finds her being insulted by one of his guests, so he quickly rescues her.

Lady Clara knew she was taking a chance by going to the party. People believe she was involved in her sister leaving Andrew at the altar. The insults that she took were terrible, but she held her own and gave it right back.

If they think they can chase me away, they are severely mistaken -Lady Clara

When Andrew starts to court Lady Clara, things get even more interesting. When Clara finds out that she is in danger from her own brother, Andrew offers her a solution. Will she take it?

All of the secondary characters were great. There are some twists and turns and secrets revealed. We do get a HEA but it was definitely not an easy journey. If you’re looking for a good historical read you will like this one. Erica Taylor does a great job of pulling you in with her writing.

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