The Perfect Duchess (The Macalisters #2) by Erica Taylor – Review by Emily Walsh

The Perfect Duchess (The Macalisters Book 2)The Perfect Duchess
ByErica Taylor
My Rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Perfect Duchess (The Macalisters #2) by Erica Taylor was an engaging, hooking historical fiction that keeps you flipping the pages.

Not my first read by this author, but in truth, the first book of this series actually takes place before this one. So in saying that, I highly suggest reading this book first, then go back and read book one. If I myself knew that these books were written out of chronological order, I would have done that; because the first book is full of spoilers for book one. So though I still enjoyed this story, I felt I knew it well before reading it.

Outside of this book taking place before the first, I very much adored this read. That opening scene was, for me, what dreams are made of. There’s just something about two people locking eyes across a crowded room that just makes me all mushy on the inside. From that moment I was hooked not only on this book, but this future couple. This book doesn’t just focus on the romance, there’s a spotlight on Andrew’s close relationship with his siblings, and the hunting dark tone around Clara’s brother and his disdain for her.

Told in dule POV we get inside both their heads, and that adds a little something extra, rounding out an already endearing story. So please take my super high recommendation and my stamp of approval, that you will fall hard for this unconventional romance, set in a time when social standards were everything. Things have to be handled with care, and the Duke has to be a bit cunning to get what he wants.

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