The Slip Series Collection by Gwyn McNamee – Review by Sara Oxton

The Slip Series CollectionThe Slip Series Collection by Gwyn McNamee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Slip Series by Gwyn McNamee a five-star read that will blow you away.
Dick Slip a five-star read that will have you slipping out. I have loved everything by this author I’ve read, this did not disappoint. It’s totally different to the Hawke Family series but it’s still just as good, it’s funny and sweet and hot all wrapped up in one great package. What starts as a tiny little accident (That’s not so tiny) leaves Rafe on a journey that he thinks is going to lead to him losing his job, but maybe it leads to so much more!! You need this book in your life, the author writes words that will make you smile as well as blush.
NipSlip a hilarious and side splitting five-star read. One slip, one click will life ever be the same again, for Riley Boswell or you if you one click this amazing series. The writing is funny and sweet you will be up there on the cat walk with Riley when her malfunction happens, something beyond her control that may still ruin her life. Gwyn McNamee will make you feel part of the story, you will be there with Riley and admiring Tate Decker as he moves about his office. This author has a talent of creating people whom no matter what happens to them you will still adore them.
Beaver Blunder a five-star read that will have you slipping up with laughter. This time it’s the misfortune of Madeline Ryan who has one brief mistake that would haunt most people for life, but Madeline isn’t like most people, she is a strong independent woman, she has fought her way up in a man’s world and come out fighting. But sometimes you fight so hard you forget to stop. This may be a lesson to those of us who like to swing in the breeze, never walk on a wet marble floor in heels, get someone to carry you!! Gwen McNamee once again you have made me cry with laughter and blush like a crazy person as I was reading in public!! Who will slip up next? I can only imagine.

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