Vortex by Kimberly Packard – Review by Jenni Bishop

VortexVortex by Kimberly Packard
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Vortex by Kimberly Packard is a uniquely different story and one that I really enjoyed reading. I absolutely love Storm chasers and the whole thing scares the sh*t out of me but fascinates me immensely. I imagine it’s a tough job with so much risk, yet thrilling at the same time and this book was just how I imagined the chase would be. The story flows easily and is fast paced. This story is a really intense read and is definitely pulls at the emotions. I was on the edge of my seat many many times with my heart in my throat. It is full of danger and secrets and was heartbreaking and sad at times. I enjoyed reading about the complex and compelling heroine as she tries to piece together fragments from the past.

Elaina Adams is an independent and strong woman and has a knack to know when a simple cloud system and storm will turn in to a life threatening creature. It is her passion and she is on her way to getting her doctorate. She is putting herself in danger for answers that only a tornado can provide the answers to.

I would highly recommend reading this thrilling read.

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