Burning Britely by Deidre Huesmann – Review by Heidi Eich Woodring

Burning BritelyBurning Britely by Deidre Huesmann
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Burning Britely by Deidre Huesmann is a coming of age Male/Male young adult LGBT romance. A shorter read, but does not take away the impact of the book or subject of the book. I think Huesmann has written a book that adults, teens, and tweens could learn a lot from. From the two main characters questioning their place in this world to bringing to life what many are facing in high school as they grow and find just who they are becoming. I highly recommend this book and give it a BRIGHT FIVE STAR rating.
Jeff is your local high school outcast who is selected to be the tutor to Braeden, the local popular and town athletic star. What both don’t see in the beginning is that through this tutoring a friendship between them develops. As they both grow closer, Jeff sees that there is more beneath of the surface of what Braeden shows everyone. Even worse, Jeff starts to fall for the VERY STRAIGHT star of the town and school.
This raw and real book is part one in a two book series and I for one cannot wait to dive into the next one!

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