Linked: Can Empathy Save the United Terrestrial Democracy? by Gaia B. Amman – Review by Angela Hayes

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Linked: Will Empathy Save the United Terrestrial Democracy? is a thought provoking and engrossing dystopian romance with a dramatic and suspenseful plot- which also has a pointedly political commentary woven into the storyline. It is cleverly crafted with complex and multidimensional characters, a fascinating plot, vivid world building, and many more impactful elements, such as the sci-fi components- which all combined to keep me fully engaged the whole way through. The thought that this story started as a dream the author had had one night, made this story all the more intriguing for me.
This is quite and original story and as everything begins to unfold, I started to realise that there was so mush more to the story, and characters, than had first appeared.
I am really taken with Ms. Amman’s incredible world building- creating a ‘new’ type of human with an intricately detailed history, names, and even a language. I found that to be quite genius and incredibly imaginative. It was so well written that it was very realistic and believable.
There were times the character/s frustrated me, but that was mostly because I had become invested in her/them and the outcome of the story. It was a little ‘dark’ at times, but this was well balanced with lighter, funny moments- and the romance.
I also feel this story would make a great movie or even a television mini-series.

Thank you, Ms. Amman!


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