The Dirty Rooster by Kelly Mooney – Review by Heidi Eich Woodring

The Dirty RoosterThe Dirty Rooster by Kelly Mooney
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Kelly Mooney has given us the Dirty Rooster, a romance filled with wittiness, Deceit, angst, chemistry and growth of two amazing characters that have a way of growing on you, Preston and Summer. Hilton Head is there Preston loves spending his summers working at his family’s hotel bar called The Dirty Rooster. While not working he has the girls willing and able to jump in and out of his bed and when it comes to commitment, he runs. He has his dream and his trust fund and no room for any gold diggers in his life. From the outside, Preston seems like the “town whore” but deep down, he knows there is something missing in his life. He knows that his life cannot always be like this and he’s not sure where to start to get the life he wants on track. Then enters Summer!
Summer and her best friend Jenny come to Hilton Head to work, Summer us fresh out of college and has dreams and needs to money to make it all happen. Summer is the opposite of Preston, she wants a relationship and will not be anyone’s one night stand but also wants to have fun as this is her last summer to be carefree. She meets Preston and is not impressed at all with him, while Preston is thrown when he sees that Summer hasn’t fallen to his feet and he sees her as a challenge, and Preston loves a challenge.
This book, I was able to laugh, I was able to swoon, sometimes I got mad, but overall I simply loved this book. As being a new reader to this author, I can say I love her writing style and her attention to building strong characters. I will not hesitate to read more from her in the future!

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