Abandoned by Love: Book 1 in the Shattered Hearts Duet by Aleya Michelle – Review by Karyn Taylor

Abandoned by Love (Shattered Hearts Duet, #1)Abandoned by Love by Aleya Michelle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Heartbreaking is the one word I’d use to describe Abandoned By Love by Aleya Michelle. If you decide to read this book, and I definitely recommend that you do, then please make sure that you have a supply of tissues handy as you will sure as hell need them.
Jaxon and Emily are school sweethearts who are madly in love and have a bright future ahead of them. Jaxon is the star of the baseball team and Emily is a gymnast. Their lives are pretty perfect but then fate has a different plan for them. A car crash changes their lives forever. Emily can’t face her future anymore and moves away leaving Jaxon heartbroken.
This story is so powerful and full of emotion. Told from both points of view, we are given flash backs to the perfect lives they had before the accident, and also are given an emotional look at how both are dealing with the post-accident trauma and struggling to cope with life without each other.
This is the first part of a duet and I cannot wait for part two to come out as I’m desperate to know what the future hold for both Emily and Jaxon. They are both amazing characters who have had so much adversity in their lives and they really deserve a HEA, hopefully with each other.

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