Taming Zane (Almost Perfect Series Book 2) by Lisa Lanay – Review by Karyn Taylor

Taming Zane (Almost Perfect Series Book 2)Taming Zane by Lisa Lanay
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Taming Zane is the 2nd book in the Almost Perfect Series by Lisa Lanay. Characters from the first book Loving Jake appear in this book but both books can be read as a stand-alone. As they are such awesome books, I would recommend reading both and if you are you going to read both well, you may as well read them on order lol.
In Taming Zane, handsome plastic surgeon meets gorgeous professor Shannon McGregor on a flight home. She is on a trip to San Francisco to have an interview at the university. When Shannon loses her purse Zane becomes her knight in shining armour and lets her stay in his apartment.
I really enjoyed reading Shannon and Zane’s journey. Their chemistry is amazing but while she wants a relationship, Zane is the eternal bachelor. This book is funny and sweet mostly but then there are times that you want to bang the 2 main character’s heads together and tell them to get their act together.
There are also some really great secondary characters including Shannon’s brothers. Surely there’s a book or 2, or 3 among them. As well as these new characters, I loved getting to see Jake and Kimberly again from the first book.
I look forward to see what Lisa Lanay brings with the rest of this series. I for one, will definitely be reading whatever she produces.

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A Sun So Bright (Reigning Hearts Book Three) by KG Fletcher – Review by Karyn Taylor

A Sun So Bright (Reigning Hearts, #3)A Sun So Bright by K.G. Fletcher
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Sun So Bright is the 3rd book in the outstanding Reigning Hearts Series by K.G. Fletcher. Fletcher is an author that I have come to love in the last year and is now way up on my list of favourite authors. Her ability to write a heart-wrenching romance blows my mind and this book exceeded my expectations.
We first me the heroine of this book, Fiona Merrill, in the first book in the series Run To The Sea. At this point in time she didn’t do herself any favours and came across as a stuck up rich girl. Also her actions in this book had the reader hating her. I was kind of worried how K.G. Fletcher would get the reader to love Fiona’s character but I shouldn’t have worried at all. Fletcher is a master at writing amazing characters. In this book we get to see the real Fiona, the sad, lonely woman hiding behind all the riches that money can buy. But she wants what money can’t buy and that is love and happiness.
After hiring hot bartender Chris Ballard to play her boyfriend we really get to see the real Fiona. She’s actually a very sweet, loving, loyal person. I loved the relationship between her and Chris. So of their interactions are hilarious as he tries to break down the ice queen.
As with all of her books, I was pulled right into this story straight away and was gripped the whole way through. This book will take you on a long and twisting roller coaster of emotions and you just might need some tissues to get you through some parts. I certainly did!! This book just had all the feels! I was totally hooked.
I hope that K.G. Fletcher gives us more from the Reigning Hearts Series as I’ve loved this series so much.

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BELOVED (21st Century Courtesan Book #3) by Pamela DuMond – Review by Karyn Taylor

BELOVED (21st Century Courtesan, #3)BELOVED by Pamela DuMond
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Beloved is the 3rd book in the 21st Century Courtesan series by Pamela DuMond. I would not recommend reading this book as a stand-alone and I would definitely read the books in order as there is a great deal of information relevant to this particular book that happens in the first 3 books. As this is such a fantastic series, it wouldn’t be any hardship to read the others first. I guarantee that you will love them.
In Beloved, Dylan wants to take his relationship with Evie to the next level but she’s not really sure if that’s what’s right for her at this time. Her head (and heart) are rather pre-occupied with her latest client Wyatt Wolfe, her first love. Wyatt is suffering from some major health issues and Evie has been hired to accompany him when he attends a clinic to try out some new treatment ideas.
Added to this, Evie’s ‘devoted fan’ is still stalking her and has resorted to trying to get to Evie through her sick mother.
I loved this book even more than the first 2. I was pulled in straight away to the story and wasn’t let go until I was a sobbing mess at the end. A word of warning – have tissues at the ready when reading this book. I really can’t wait for the 4th book in this series to see what the author has in store next for Evie.

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REBOUND (REWIND BOOK 4) By Rowan Shaw – Review by Karyn Taylor

Rebound (Rewind #4)Rebound by Rowan Shaw
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Rebound is the 4th book in the excellent Rewind Series by Rowan Shaw. Each of the 4 books in this series are considered to be standalones but the author does suggest that you read the 2nd book, Return before reading this one as Adrien and Raphael from that book play a major role in this book too.
Rebound is a Polyamorous Bisexual Romance set entirely in France. It contains several sexual encounters, including MM and MF. It also includes some very hot encounters between 3 men and another which includes the 3 men and their friend Charlotte.
Noah Perrin is devastated when Hugo, his boyfriend of 10 years dumps him. Ex-lover Adrien invites Noah to move in with him and his boyfriend Raphael. When friend Charlotte admits she may be bisexual, Noah helps her to come to terms with her new sexuality while trying to get over the breakdown of his own relationship.
As with the previous 3 books in this series the sexual scenes are very hot and are explained in great detail. This is not a series for prudes. As well as the hot sex scenes, Rowan Shaw spins yet another fantastic story of coming to terms with your sexuality. I loved reading the growing relationship between Noah and Charlotte as well as the friendship and camaraderie between them and Adrien and Raphael.
I have loved all 4 books in this series and I really hope there is more to come. These 4 books are now available as a box set and I’m sincerely hoping that doesn’t mean that this great series is over.

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Scoring Chance: A Mile High Miners Novella by Lane Martin – Review by Karyn Taylor

Scoring Chance : A Mile High Miners NovellaScoring Chance : A Mile High Miners Novella by Lane Martin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Scoring Chance is a fantastic novella in the Mile High Miners Series by Lane Martin. I had never previously read any work by this author but was attracted by the blurb and decided to give it a try. I’m so glad that I took a chance on a new author to me. This novella, although only 138 pages long, has so much packed into it. It really is a fantastic story.
Set around the Mile High Miners NHL team, Scoring Chance gives us the story of new goal tender, Rhett Crawford and Eden Snow who is the friend and ‘live-in nanny’ of the team captain and his wife.
Both Rhett and Eden have had very troubled and difficult childhoods and a relationship isn’t high on either’s priority list, however, the attraction between the 2 off the charts hot. As much as Rhett does everything to make Eden want him, issues from her past just make her push him away.
I loved both Rhett and Eden. Added to them both are a really great list of secondary characters who add so much to the story, including Rhett’s teammates and some of their better halves who befriend Eden.
This is a fantastic story of overcoming a difficult childhood, slaying your demons and going all out for what you want and Lane Martin has done an amazing job with this. I would definitely recommend this book to others.

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Ink’s Devil (Satan’s Devils MC Colorado Chapter #5) by Manda Mellett – Review by Karyn Taylor

Ink's Devil: Satan's Devils MC (Colorado Chapter) #5Ink’s Devil: Satan’s Devils MC (Colorado Chapter) #5 by Manda Mellett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ink’s Devil is the 5th book in the Satan’s Devils MC (Colorado Chapter) series. This series is right up there among my favourites ever. I don’t know how she does it but with each new book, Manda Mellett just gets better and better.
Ink’s Devil starts exactly where we left Devil’s Dilemma, with Beth being introduced to Ink at Mel and Pyro’s wedding. Ink is adamant that this is one night thing and Beth is happy to agree. However both can’t get the other out of their head. That one night leads to a life changing event for both Beth and Ink.
This book will grab you in straight away and take you on a fantastic journey where you will go through every emotion possible. You will not be able to put this book down. As always Manda Mellett writes the most amazing characters. Ink and Beth are both amazing and you will definitely fall in love with them both.
As well as being told from Beth and Ink’s POV we get several chapters from Mace’s POV. I have to say that at first I really did not like Mace at all. I hated his treatment of Beth, although deep down could understand why he felt the way he did. Thankfully Mace redeemed himself before the book ended. I’m kinda hoping that this closer look at Mace means that Manda Mellett has him in mind for a story of his own. I really can’t wait for some sassy woman to come along and knock him on his ass.

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Lillie (Maggie Trilogy Series Book 3) by Mya O’Malley – Review by Karyn Taylor

Lillie (Maggie Trilogy Series Book 3)Lillie by Mya O’Malley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lillie is the 3rd and final book in the paranormal, thriller series by Mya O’Malley. This finale to the series was even more thrilling than the first 2 books in the series. Like the others, the author pulls you right into the story from the very beginning and does not let you go until she spits you out, wondering what the hell happened to you, at the very end.
The ghost in this book is Lillie, a ghost who plagued Naomi as a child and who has now come back to make her life hell. To make it even worse, Lillie is working through Naomi’s step daughter Holly, adding strain to Naomi and Bryce’s new marriage.
I have given this book 5 stars as the book is very well written and the storyline is thrilling and really grabs you and pulls you in. However, I do have one little niggling thing that kind of annoyed me. We are told many times that Naomi and Bryce are madly in love and are soul mates but I really didn’t get that from many of the interactions between them. I know this was a paranormal book but I would have expected a bit more romance from a newlywed couple who are madly in love with one another.
All in all though, Lillie is a fantastic book and an amazing conclusion to a series which I loved and would definitely recommend to others.

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The Fat Girl’s Guide to Loving Your Body by K.L. Montgomery – Review by Karyn Taylor

The Fat Girl's Guide to Loving Your BodyThe Fat Girl’s Guide to Loving Your Body by K.L. Montgomery
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Fat Girl’s Guide To Loving Your Body is a must read for anyone who is carrying a few extra pounds (or a lot of extra pounds) and who is unhappy with their body. As an obese, probably morbidly obese lady (yeah, I hate that term too) so much in this book spoke volumes to me. I was a chubby teen who went on my first diet at 18. I slimmed down to 8 stone for my wedding, only to go up to 16 stone later.
K.L. Montgomery is an author that I love. She doesn’t write about stick insect, Barbie doll heroines in her books. She writes about curvy ladies, ladies with bigger butts and no thigh gaps and I love her for this. In this book she writes about how we should love our bodies no matter what shape and size they are. I also love one of the mantras she used several times – you do not have to be pretty.
I loved reading her own experiences with weight issues and it really helps to know that I’m not alone, there are so many others like me out there. The assignments that she sets are very thought provoking and really make you think hard about your own thoughts and perceptions.
I really loved reading this book and think that many people would get a lot from reading this.

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Naomi (Maggie Trilogy Book 2) by Mya O’Malley – Review by Karyn Taylor

NaomiNaomi by Mya O’Malley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Naomi is the 2nd book in the Maggie Trilogy by Mya O’Malley. I would 100 % recommend that you read book 1, Maggie, before reading this book. Although the mystery surrounding Maggie is solved in Book 1, this book is a continuation of Naomi’s own personal story and there is so much necessary information in the first book.
This book is a paranormal thriller/romance but unlike the first book where the ghosts were friendly and helpful, this time round the ghost is menacing and dangerous. Naomi’s past has come back to haunt her…literally. The ghost of Naomi’s ex-boyfriend Nick has come back to haunt her and he’s even more menacing and horrifying as he was when he was alive.
Nick’s return puts much strain on Naomi’s relationship with fiancé Bryce which is then further strained with the return of Bryce’s ex-wife Genna who is the mother of his daughter Holly.
This is such a well written paranormal thriller. Like book 1 I was dragged into the story from the very start and did not want to put this book down. It is a sit at the edge of your seat, heart in your mouth read. Again, like the first book the author throws in a few curveballs that come totally out of the blue and have you reeling.
I would definitely recommend this series to others and I can’t wait to read the final instalment of this exciting trilogy.

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Maggie (Maggie Trilogy Book 1) by Mya O’Malley – Review by Karyn Taylor

MaggieMaggie by Mya O’Malley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Maggie is the first book in the Maggie Trilogy by Mya O’Malley. It is a very well written paranormal romance. This is the first time I have read any work by this author so was unsure what to expect from this book. I have to say that I was hooked from the very first page and did not want to put this book down. Damn real life for getting in the way and making me go to work wondering what was going to happen next.
Naomi is a writer who moves into a house on the edge of a graveyard. When the spirit of one of the dead people in the graveyard regularly visits her house, Naomi becomes intrigued as to how this young girl (Maggie) died. When Naomi delves further and further into Maggie’s death, she’s convinced that her death was not the drowning accident that the police are saying it was.
There is so much to this story that will take your breath away. There are many twists and turns that leave you reeling and a conclusion you will not see coming.
An important element to the story is Naomi’s relationships. She’s recently split from the dangerous controlling Nick, who she is afraid of. She has been having a relationship with Ryan who becomes more like her best friend rather than a boyfriend. Then there is the gorgeous single dad Bryce who has just moved in beside her who has her heart fluttering just by being in his presence.
This is a fantastic book. The storyline will have you hooked and the characters are so well written. This book sucks you in and doesn’t let you go. I can’t wait to read the other 2 books in this trilogy which are sitting in my kindle shouting to me.

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