Where Flowers Bloom by Nikki Vale – Review by Karyn Taylor

Where Flowers BloomWhere Flowers Bloom by Nikki Vale
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Where Flowers Bloom: A Romantic, Modern to Historical, Mystery by Nikki Vale is a great romance story that totally drew me in from the very beginning and didn’t let go. Nikki Vale was an author that I had not read before reading Where Flowers Bloom but I would certainly read more of her work now as I thoroughly enjoyed this book.
Romance novelist Kendyll moves to North Carolina to try to rekindle the romance with her fiancé Vance. When she buys a very old house it seems as if the house has it’s own story to tell. Kendyll’s very vivid dreams also seem to be telling the story of a time long ago. I have to say that I became more invested in the story of Rose and Everett than I did of the ‘love triangle’ between Kendyll, Vance and construction manager (who is also related to the homes former owner) Wesley.
This is a very well written story. The author is telling 2 stories at the same time which I can imagine must be very difficult to do. The author also does a fantastic job of tackling the issue of black slavery. I was totally engrossed with this part of the story.
Another thing I must commend the author on is the characters. This book has some absolutely amazing characters who I totally fell in love with.
This is a fantastic read which I would definitely recommend to others.

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Nobody Knows (Razes Hell Book 1) by Kyra Lennon – Review by Karyn Taylor

Nobody KnowsNobody Knows by Kyra Lennon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Nobody Knows is the first book in the Razes Hell series by Kyra Lennon. This is a contemporary romance set around rock band Razes Hell. I had never read any of Kyra Lennon’s work before reading Nobody Knows so I had no idea what to expect from this book. What I got was a great story that had me gripped from the very beginning right through to the end.
A publicity stunt to make it look like brothers Drew and Jason Brooks are at war with each other goes badly wrong when the 2 brothers actually end up at odd with each other. Stuck in the middle is Ellie who has been friends with both since childhood. The problem is that she’s always been best friends with Jason but now her and Drew have admitted to an attraction to one another. What will this do to the already strained relationship between the brothers?
I really loved reading Drew and Ellie’s story. The book contains a great deal of angst as Ellie wars with herself over her friendship with Jason and her new relationship with Drew. She’s totally stuck in the middle and doesn’t know what to do for the best.
I am a total sucker for a rock star romance so I lapped this book up and can’t wait to read more of the trials and tribulations of the Razes Hell guys.

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Bound by Secrets (Deadly Isles Special Ops Series Book 2) by Amy McKinley – Review by Karyn Taylor

Bound by Secrets (Deadly Isles Special Ops, #2)Bound by Secrets by Amy McKinley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Bound By Secrets is the 2nd book in the Deadly Isles Special Ops series by Amy McKinley. I have been a huge fan of Amy McKinley’s writing since I first read the Gray Ghost series and I always love when she releases a new book for me to indulge in. I had loved the first book in the Deadly Isles series Twisted Secrets and was looking forward to reading more about the Hale Brothers.
In this book we get the story of former Navy SEAL Jaxon Hale and his former best friend’s sister Kayla Kane. Jaxon and Kayla had spent one night together as teens and hasn’t seen Jaxon since she moved away following the death of her brother. Now he has Kayla back in his life Jaxon is going to do everything he can to make sure that she doesn’t ever leave him again.
I loved Jaxon and Kayla’s story. It’s a fantastic second chance romance with a lot more thrown in. Amy McKinley’s stories are always full of danger, intrigue, mystery and passion and Bound By Secrets is a fantastic example of her amazing storytelling talents. She has the amazing knack of being able to grab you straight away with the story and keep you gripped and entertained right up to the very end.
I’ve given every book of hers I’ve ever read 5 stars and this will be no different. This book is definitely worth the 5 stars. Highly recommend!

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A Hole (Alpha Bet Guys Book 1) by Phoebe Alexander – Review by Karyn Taylor

A Hole (Alpha Bet Guys Book 1)A Hole by Phoebe Alexander
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Hole is the first book in a new series by Phoebe Alexander. The series is called the Alpha Bet Guys. Each book is about 1 of a set of 5 alpha guys who like to make bets.
I’ve been a huge fan of Phoebe Alexander’s work for a couple of years now and just knew that I was going to love reading A Hole.
The ‘A’ in A Hole is Ace, a comedian who has a massive crush on the bank teller in the building he works in but the thing is her friends has told her he’s an A hole! But is he really?
This is a funny, hot steamy romance that I’m sure you’ll love if that’s the kind of book you enjoy. It is a novella so it’s not a long drawn out story. It’s fast and flows well and I can guarantee that you’ll be hooked to Ace and Ella’s story.

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At All (The Adams Brothers Book 3) by Mindy McKinley – Review by Karyn Taylor

At All (Adams Brothers, #3)At All by Mindy McKinley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

At All is the 3rd book in the Adams Brothers series by Mindy McKinley. Each book in the series can be read as a standalone. As this is such a great series I would recommend that you read all 3 books, so it would make sense to then read them in order so as not to create spoilers. Each book contains the story of one of the Adams brothers. Having read the first 2, I could not wait to read Sebastian’s story as he seemed to be such a tortured soul.
I absolutely adored Sebastian and Maelie’s story. Tenor saxophone player Sebastian has been thrown out of his band due to his problems with alcohol and women. He’s to spend 6 months sober and celibate before the band will allow him back in. Teaching saxophone during his 6 month sabbatical Sebastian meets fellow teacher, violinist Maelie Barre who has demons of her own to deal with.
Mindy McKinley has written a very entertaining book. I loved the storyline and Sebastian and Maelie provided so many laughs and amusing situations which made this book a pleasure to read. It’s not all fun and games though and the path to true love never runs smooth and this story is not without it’s trials and tribulations for the couple.
I also adored catching up with the couples from the first to books in the series and getting updates in their lives. My only issue with this series is that the boy’s mother didn’t have more than 3 sons as I’d really love to read more from this amazing family.

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Gunner: An Eidolon Black Ops Novel by Maddie Wade – Review by Karyn Taylor

Gunner (Eidolon Black Ops #6)Gunner by Maddie Wade
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Gunner is the 6th book in the Eidolon series by Maddie Wade. Maddie Wade is an author I have become a huge fan of after reading the Tightrope book and the Fortis Security Series. I have the boxed set of the first 5 Eidolon books on my kindle and I’m sad to say that I’ve only read the first one so far but after reading Gunner and getting to know the Eidolon guys (and their better halves) I can’t wait to read the others in the series.
Gunner has become estranges from the Eidolon team after an incident involving his sister but needs their help when Lacey Cannon, a woman he has rescued in the past becomes in danger.
I absolutely loved Gunner and Lacey’s story and I have to admit to it having me in tears on several occasions, particularly in the prologue where I cried ugly tears. This is a fantastic story that will drag you through every emotion. If you are an emotional sod like me then I’d advise tissues. Gunner’s past has truly has a major effect on the man he has become and his story both fascinating and heartbreaking.
I adored Lacey too. She’s admired Gunner from afar ever since he saved her previously and she has to rely on him again when her life becomes in danger.
I love how Maddie Wade can entwine a great romance story with a fast paced, dramatic, dangerous, thrilling story that runs alongside and keeps the reader gripped from the very beginning and doesn’t let you go.
Would give this more than 5 stars if I could.

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Capturing Fate by Abbie Roads – Review by Karyn Taylor

Capturing Fate (Fatal Truth, #2)Capturing Fate by Abbie Roads
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Capturing Fate is the 2nd book in the Fatal Truth series by Abbie Roads. When I read this book I was not aware that there was a book that came before it and I certainly didn’t feel that I was lacking in any information when reading this one. This was my first time reading this author and I’m always wary when trying out a new author. I needn’t have worried as I loved this book.
I will say that it took me a little time to get into the book. When I read the first few chapters I just didn’t get the feel of it. So I put it down to try again later. When I picked it up later I was hooked into the story very quickly and did not want to put it down. I just put it down to me not being in the right frame of mind because this story had me totally gripped.
For me the best part of the book is the section that takes place on the island. Daughter’s interaction with the men on the island really grabbed me and was the ultimate page turner.
This book is filled with so much danger, drama, suspense and intrigue. The author does a fantastic job of weaving a compelling story. Add to that the romance between Daughter and Dolan and this book was just everything I enjoy in a book.

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At Once (The Adams Brothers Book 2) by Mindy McKinley – Review by Karyn Taylor

At Once (Adams Brothers, #2)At Once by Mindy McKinley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

At Once is the 2nd book in the Adams Brothers Series by Mindy McKinley. It can be read as a standalone but as I loved this and the first book so much I’d say you have to read book one ‘At Last’ before reading this one.
At Once is the story of middle sibling Mason Adams, a very talented furniture maker and recently divorced Gabi Turner who is trying to make a success of her business with best friend Kylie; G&K Designs. When trying to make a huge success of first major job designing the house of a very wealthy, fussy client, Kylie introduces Gabi to the amazing furniture made by Mason Adams. Gabi falls in love immediately with his work before meeting the man himself. Lets just say that I’d hate to have been in the way of the sparks that flew when these two first met. When the fussy client also falls in love with Mason’s work, Mason and Gabi are forced to work closely together.
I adored this book. Gabi and Mason’s story has me hooked immediately and took me on a fantastic journey that I didn’t want to get off of. Their characters are amazing and I fell in love with both of them and was rooting for the two of them to get their deserved HEA. I also loved getting to see the other Adams siblings again and see what’s going on in their lives.
One thing I really love is that I have the 3rd book At All ready and waiting for me on my kindle and I just can’t wait to see what Mindy McKinley has in store next for the awesome Adams Brothers.

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Daddy’s Girl (Freshwater Book 3) by Belinda Williams – Review by Karyn Taylor

Daddy's Girl (Freshwater Book 3)Daddy’s Girl by Belinda Williams
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Daddy’s girl is the awesome 3rd book in the Freshwater series by Belinda Williams. It’s a fantastic contemporary romance series set in the Freshwater area of Australia. It can be read as a standalone but I’d definitely recommend reading all three books in the series and if you read all three then it makes more sense to read them in the correct order to avoid spoilers. I’ve now read all 3 and I can safely say that I adore this series of books.
For as long as she can remember, Em Georgiou’s father has been trying to set her up will suitable, eligible young men all of whom she’s had absolutely no interest in. Even if she was interested, she’s going nowhere near someone recommended by her father. That is, until she meets Joel Scott who is trying to win a contract with her father. Neither of them are interested in relationships, their careers are the number one factor in their lives. That is, until they both can’t stop thinking of the other.
I absolutely loved this story and both Em and Joel are amazing characters that I just fell in love with. Well, I already adored Em from the previous 2 books. Joel expected a daddy’s girl, a spoiled brat but what he got in Em was totally the opposite: a beautiful, highly intelligent woman with similar interests and passions as his own.
This is a fun filled, romantic story that I’d call a page turner. I was to enthralled in Em and Joel’s story and did not want to put it down.
Would definitely recommend Daddy’s Girl.

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Stormy’s Thunder (Satan’s Devils MC Utah #2) by Manda Mellett – Review by Karyn Taylor

Stormy's Thunder (Satan's Devils MC Utah #2)Stormy’s Thunder by Manda Mellett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Stormy’s Thunder is the 2nd book in the Satan’s Devils MC Utah Chapter. It is a spin off from the original Satan’s Devils MC Series by Manda Mellett set in Tucson Arizona. I first discovered the Satan’s Devils MC books during the Arizona series and have been an avid fan ever since, devouring all the books.
I was worried about reading Stormy’s story, although I knew that Manda Mellett can do no wring in my eyes. What worried me was that having met Stormy in the previous book I really wondered how on earth Manda Mellett was going to make me fall in love with stormy as I have with all of her other leading men. I mean, he really didn’t do himself any favours in the previous books and became a bit of a villain. In true Manda Mellett style she wove a beautiful, intricate tale, giving us Stormy’s background and showing us how he became the man he was. I have to say that I saw Stormy in a whole new light. He really had been dealt a rubbish hand in life. His story brought out so many emotions in me. I was so angry at the injustices he had previously been dealt with and soon fell in love with the amazing character that he actually was. It just takes the right woman to bring out the best in a man and Cat was definitely the perfect match for Stormy.
I can’t describe just how much I loved this book but it definitely deserves a lot more than the 5 stars I’m allowed to give it.

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