Devlin by Angela K. Parker – Review by Karyn Taylor

DevlinDevlin by Angela K. Parker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Devlin is a really great forbidden office romance. I had never read any of this author’s work so was very unsure what to expect. What I got was a well written story with characters that I really connected with.
Devlin and Evelyn are co-workers who work very well together but away from the office desk, the hatred and the barbs constantly fly between the pair. So why is it Devlin that Evelyn turns to when her long term relationship breaks down? And why is he being so nice to her? (well, most of the time). Not that it matters as their work has a no fraternisation policy.
I really enjoyed reading Devlin and Evelyn’s story. We get to see a totally different side to Devlin that the one painted by Evelyn at the beginning. Although, I’m sure she had never previously seen the real Devlin up until now,
I really liked both characters and found that the story flowed well, keeping me entertained and wanting to keep turning the pages to see how their story turned out. Oh…and just as the story is flowing along so well, the author throws a nice big curveball that I definitely did not see coming.
Definitely recommend.

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