What She Lost and Found by M. L. Garcia

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What She Lost and Found by M. L. Garcia – Author
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Genre – New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Suspense
Page count – 272 pages
Cover Designer – M. L. Garcia
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When you are faced with challenges, what matters most is how you choose to deal
with them. That determines your fate…
Her life seemed perfect. Her childhood best friend Christina was like a sister to her. Wherever she was, Christina was usually nearby. It should have been a wonderful beginning to adulthood during her freshman year of college. Unfortunately, two horrible nights shake her world to the core. Innocence is stolen, lives are shattered, and a young life is lost. Nothing will ever be the same again for Daniela.
Daniela Franco finds it difficult to trust others after a horrible ordeal she experienced in her hometown. With a past that relentlessly controls her life, she decides to protect herself by never allowing anyone to get close enough to destroy her again. Daniela stays focused on work and school while staying away from the college party scene. She keeps a tiny circle of friends which keeps her safe, but life has a way of changing things.
Her secrets from the past begin to slowly resurface and threaten to rock her world again in the dark and destructive way it did years earlier. Can Daniela face the demons from her past that are determined to finish what was started? Will the people she has grown to trust survive her secrets as well as their own?
Changes are certain with new friendships, chances to build trust again, the possibility of finding love, and experiencing intimacy the way it is meant to be. Daniela must try to live with what she lost and with what will soon be found…


M. L. Garcia has always nurtured her love for creativity, either through writing, drawing or graphic designs. She is overjoyed to finally be able to share her creative love with others. M. L. loves having music playing in the background while writing, since it definitely helps bring to life what her imagination conjures up.

M. L. was born and raised in the heart of Texas. When she’s not busy with creating her stories or blogging, she is happily occupied with multitasking as a proud mother and the loving wife to a wonderful military man who helps remind her that real life love stories do exist. From being a Texas native, to living in North Carolina for almost 7 years, followed by 3 years in Germany, the culture shock never lasts long. She’s a fan of football, traveling and just enjoying life! M. L. tries to make the most of every new experience in her journey through life.


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An Agreement (Summer in New York Book 3) by Lindsay Marie Miller

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An Agreement (Summer in New York Book 3) by Lindsay Marie Miller
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Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Series: Summer in New York #3, can be read as a stand alone
Page Count: Estimated 300 pages
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BAILEY – Still single at twenty five. Not the future I had in mind.

If only I understood men. How they think. What they want.

So far, online dating is a bust. Until my new friend Carter agrees to help me.

He’s rugged and sexy in a brooding kind of way. Too be bad he’s got me in the friend zone.

Because the only man I want is him…

CARTER – From the moment we meet, I can’t stop thinking about her.

She’s everything any man would dream of having. But she’ll never be mine.

I’m broken and lost. I’m not good enough for her. No man is.

That’s why I’m breaking guy code and spilling all of our secrets.

So she won’t be subject to the manipulative ways of men.

Because Bailey deserves her knight in shining armor. Even if he’s not me…

AN AGREEMENT is a heartwarming standalone romance about what happens when a lonely entrepreneur meets a billionaire’s daughter. This is the third book in the Summer in New York series, which each feature a brand new couple who fall head over heels in the big apple.


Lindsay Marie Miller was born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida, where she graduated from high school as Valedictorian. At sixteen, she started writing her first novel after being inspired by Stephenie Meyer’s International Bestselling Twilight Saga.

After graduating Summa Cum Laude from Florida State University, she put her B.A. in English Literature to good use and published her debut novel, Emerald Green.

An author of over a dozen romance titles, Lindsay currently resides in her hometown where she is always working on her next novel.




Courage (The Sisterhood Series) by Chelsi Arnold

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Courage (The Sisterhood Series) by Chelsi Arnold – Author
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Genre – New Adult
Page Count – 256 Pages
Cover Designer – Ashley Byland at Redbird Designs
Publishing Company – Bienvenue Press, LLC.
Goodreads –

No matter the odds, and no matter the risk, they will defend their country…

To the death.

Greer and her Navy SEAL sisters are willing to do whatever it takes to save what’s left of their country. After losing one of their team members during a mission, the pain and anger they feel fuels their need to avenge their best friend’s death.

Unfortunately, an unwelcome and untimely suspension has put their plan for retribution on hold, forcing them to stand back and watch the country they love fall apart.

But not for long.


Chelsi Arnold was born and raised in Texas, (And yes, like most Texans she tends to be a little biased to the fact that everything is bigger and better in Texas) – but hey, it ain’t bragging if it’s true 😉 Chelsi grew up in a single-stop-light town where she spent most of her time playing sports and going to rodeos. Throughout Chelsi’s life, her goals and dreams have changed, but having a close relationship with her friends and family, and her love for creativity has always remained. Chelsi is a firm believer that anything is possible, as long as you work hard and have determination; there is nothing you cannot accomplish.




DANGEROUS GROUND: Tina and Chase’s Story (Under Ground Book 5) by Alice Rachel

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DANGEROUS GROUND: Tina and Chase’s Story (Under Ground Book 5) by Alice Rachel
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Genre – YA/NA Dystopian Romance
Page Count – 600 Pages
Cover Designer – Molly Phipps/ We Got You Covered
Goodreads –…/show/32607591-dangerous-ground

With the Sterilization Law threatening the entire lower class, Chase Martinez has a lot to fear. Everyone around him is rising and falling for their rights. Chase’s only goal is to protect his girlfriend, Mariana. But what can a single man do against an entire system seeking to destroy everything he has ever worked for?

As the daughter of state officer Andrew Davis, Tina has known nothing but privilege and luxury her whole life. Her experiences change, however, when she meets Chase for the first time. Never before had she realized how cruel and unfair the system could be.

When the Sterilization Law is passed and the riots take a turn
for the worse, shattering Chase’s life beyond repair, Tina can no longer remain impassive. She must now take matters into her own hands. She will infiltrate the system and tear it apart from the inside out.








Alice Rachel grew up in France before moving to the United States to live with her husband. She spends her free time reading, going to the movies, taking care of her guinea pigs, and drawing. Alice loves to interact with her readers. You can find her on Facebook as well as on her website and on GoodReads.




Can’t Forget (Solum Series Book 2) by Colleen S. Myers – Review by Emily Walsh

Can't ForgetCan’t Forget
ByColleen S. Myers
My Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Can’t Forget by Colleen S. Myers was a fast pace, epic science fiction fantasy drama, that has me hooked just as must as the first book.

The second book in the Solum Series, is a continuations series so I highly suggest you read the first book, as it will give you much needed backstory and get a better understanding of Bata and Marin. I very much enjoyed reading about Bata and Marin, it fit better in this book and actually added something good to the plot and at times drove it forward.

What I will say, and something I find irritating with female MC’s/the hero; was that she fell into the whole,I can do it myself trope. She didn’t listen to reason and, it bit her hard in the behind. But it’s like TV, no matter what I mutter into the book she’s an’t going to listen. I do get it, I do, it moves the story forwards, crates drama, and a deadly situation. I just didn’t like the whole “You can’t tell me what to do!” trope. No one likes to be told what they can and can’t do. But sometimes, closing your mouth and processing why a person is asking you not to do something dangerous, could save your life. I’m in the military, so I know this, teach this and stress this, to my young subordinates that have the same attitudes.

Outside of that, like the first book, we are still getting pieces of Bata’s past, this drives not only the plot but the reader. The authors does this through flashbacks, and they’re pretty intense. There is bit of a plot bomb towards the end, and you are going to have your mouths opened. I’m not going to say, cause I don’t want to ruin a thing about this original read. Not only is the writing smooth and easy to follow but the raw emotions that it’s lace with, will pull at your hearts string, snapping them, making you feel for Bata, and for the hell that she went through.

Overall this book, this series is a must read. I give this book my super high recommendation and my stamp of approval. It’s truly something special and I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book.

Happy Reading.

Review by @eawalsh

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Burning Britely by Deidre Huesmann – Review by Susan Mowdy

Burning BritelyBurning Britely by Deidre Huesmann
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is my second book I’ve read from this author and I loved it. It really teaches you to be true to yourself as well as those around you. Jeff is pretty much your social hermit. He was bullied so much that he’s kind of folded into himself. Braeden swoops in to save Jeff one day and tries to befriend him. during all the interactions, Jeff starts to fall for the hotshot of the school.

I loved this coming of age story about taking chances and being true to one’s heart. There might be battle wounds but the right person can heal them. Not everyone has the perfect life. Behind closed doors they can being living in their own hell.

This book is definitely a MUST on anyone’s list. The story is beautifully written and it will constantly tug at your heart strings!

Reviewed by @listersda
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Seducing Fortune (Serendipity, #3) by Brinda Berry – Review by Colleen Noyes

Seducing Fortune (Serendipity, #3)Seducing Fortune by Brinda Berry
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Seducing Fortune is the third book in the Serendipity Series by the talented Brinda Berry. Dylan Mercado, has taken over his father’s car business after his father was forced to retire because of health issues. He has always been a playboy, taking home one woman after the next, never committing to anyone. Emerson, is a former stripper turned housekeeper for Dylan and his roommates, Jordy and Collin. They have always been friendly with each other but after a brief dancing encounter one night they both secretly have feelings for the other. Unfortunately, neither one of them is willing to let down the walls they have built up from their tumultuous past.

Emerson is living life, raising her sister Gabby, working hard and trying to forget about the fact that her father is in prison. She still can’t believe that she was once a stripper but also doesn’t want that to define her. She has spent so long, not letting anyone into her life that she is stunned when Dylan takes her off guard. “I’m normally a good liar. Someone asks how I’m doing and I pull on my hunky-dory mask. Another mentions my dad in the federal penitentiary and I act as though it doesn’t bother me. My real feelings are buried deep, a grave of emotions. No visitors allowed.”

Dylan, has a good reason for not letting anyone in and it’s one no one would ever know. He was left devastated one time in his past, and has found it’s not always better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all. He also comes from a family where money seems to be the only important thing, instead of relationships.

Each of them have their own impressions of the other, but soon discover that they don’t really know anything each other. They discover that their version of the truth may not be the truth at all. “The enormity of my prejudices slams me. It’s not like I expected a silver pole in the middle of the room. But I don’t expect ex-strippers to be ex-homecoming queens.”

While Emerson is working out her feelings for Dylan from afar, she meets Toby a nice guy who wants to date her and just happened to be there when she needed help. He continues to reach out to her, help her in her times of distress, and be compassionate. Her father’s past and misdealing’s soon come back to haunt her and she is left having to fight to survive while trying to protect the ones she loves. She is forced to keep secrets from those around her, but doesn’t realize that the people around her have been keeping secrets a very long time. Not everything is as it seems and things may have been put in motion long before she even realized. The twists and turns this story takes will keep you guessing and maybe rooting for the people you shouldn’t be.

Will Emerson and Toby end up happy? Will she break his heart and take the less safe road to Dylan? Can Dylan, let go of his past hurt and truly be committed to one woman and no matter what they decide will any of them survive?

I loved Brinda Berry’s writing style, which kept the story flowing non-stop. It is refreshing to read a book that has romance, love, pain, sorrow, and so much more without only focusing on the sexual aspects. She writes a classy novel that will be appealing to women everywhere and does a great job of bringing the reader into the characters’ lives.

Review by @colleennoyes

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