My Pearl Heart by J.N. Sheats – Review by Karyn Taylor

My Pearl HeartMy Pearl Heart by J.N. Sheats
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My Pearl Heart is a great contemporary romance novella. At only 88 pages I devoured this in one sitting as I really enjoyed the storyline and it flowed well keeping me engaged.
I really liked both of the main characters Jasmine and James. Jasmine’s best friend, who is also James’ fiancée is another matter. I really did not understand how someone as sweet as Jasmine could have a person like Cadence as a best friend. I don’t think she has a single quality that I liked or admired. Such a horrible, nasty piece of work, only interested in one thing…herself.
I really enjoyed reading Jasmine and James’ story and was hoping that they would get the HEA that they deserved as these two were totally meant for each other.
Even for a short read, the author managed to have quite a bit of content, making this a very enjoyable, entertaining read.
If you’re looking for something quick and enjoy a good romance then I’d recommend this book for you.

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