Kamana Wanalaya by Susan Renee – Review by Karyn Taylor

Kamana Wanalaya for the Holidays: A Grinchy/Sunshine Holiday RomanceKamana Wanalaya for the Holidays: A Grinchy/Sunshine Holiday Romance by Susan Renee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Do not be put of by the strange name of this book as it is a really great story. Described as a grinchy/sunshine holiday romance, the author got this spot on. As my first time reading this author’s work, I was pleasantly surprised by a great story that flowed well and characters that I really engaged with. Don’t be scared of trying out authors who are new to you as there are really some gems out there and this belongs to that category.
Tenley, who doesn’t believe in love is invited to beautiful Hawaiian paradise of Kamana Wanalaya by Teagan, the self-confessed Love Guru to prove to her that love really is something to believe in and to hope for.
I loved Teagan and Tenley’s story. There is so much banter between the two of them that makes for some fun, enjoyable reading. Their chemistry is off the charts hot and makes for some steamy scenes in the book.
So can Teagan convince Tenley that love is something to wish for? Will she fall in love with the beautiful resort of Kamana Wanalaya? And will she fall in love with the beautiful, amazing, sweet man that is Teagan? I’d recommend you read this great book and find out the answers.

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