Seductively Yours (Titans of Manhattan Book 3) by Anise Storm – Review by Dr. Anya Schultz

Seductively Yours (Titans Of Manhattan, #3)Seductively Yours by Anise Storm
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Titan, Mason Steele, is a life-long bachelor who owns a handful of nightclubs around the states. He is a man who has a different girl all the time until he meets Rhyann one night at his club, and indulges in a hot romance in the bathroom. Rhyann is a small town girl from Kansas with a dream of being a dancer. While trying to make her way through dance school, her girlfriend and her decide to get jobs as exotic dancers, at one of Masons’ clubs; little did she know he was the owner. Rhyann quickly became one of the favorites among the men in the club, which included Mason. Rhyann struggles with trying to find herself in this big city, follow her dreams, and find respect as a woman. Will the boundaries that need to be displayed work to fight their feelings of lust, or was their amazing one night stand way more than that?

Seductively Yours is one of my favorites in this series. The characters involved are dynamic, real, and seductive. Rhyann is a sweet, but badass, driven woman that catches the attention of Mason who is dangerous, but sweet. He is also driven, honest, and respectful all while being sexy as hell. The chemistry the two characters have reels you in to hope they each can figure it out and find a happy ending. I will say, while in all of this author’s Titan stories there are steamy story lines, this one takes the cake. I could have read about the romance between these two all day!

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