Abandoned By Love (Shattered Hearts Duet Book #1) by Aleya Michelle – Review by Angela Hayes

Abandoned by Love (Shattered Hearts Duet, #1)Abandoned by Love by Aleya Michelle
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Abandoned By Love is the first book in the Shattered Hearts Duet by Aleya Michelle. This story has a familiar recipe, but done really well. Even though it was a little predictable, the story still engaged me and kept me interested. It is told from past and present perspectives, with a lot of ‘flashbacks’ into the past which helps to build up the backstory.
The plot really made me think about how one moment in time, one seemingly insignificant decision, can impact your life so irrevocably. That’s just what happens here though, one life altering choice, changes everything. When Jax and Emily have their whole lives ahead of them, and plans of always being together- how do things change so drastically? What drives Emily to leave her childhood sweetheart? Can their shattered hearts ever be mended? This emotive story is worth the read to find out.
Aleya Michelle created a solid cast of characters who drew me into the story. There were many emotional moments, that had me reaching for the tissues. There were also times I was really frustrated by the characters- especially Emily. But that added to the whole ‘feel’ of the story. The ending certainly has me anticipating the release of book #2, that’s for sure!
Well done!

Thank you, Aleya Michelle!


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