Mayhem (Twisted Hearts Love Story Book 2) by Autumn Sand – Review by Lisa Helmick

Mayhem (A Twisted Hearts Love Story, #2)Mayhem by Autumn Sand
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mayhem (Twisted Hearts Love Story #2)
By Autumn Sand
Rated 5 stars

Another great story from Autumn Sand! She is amazing in how she tells both sides of a story. She give me preconceived notions about a character then when that character gets their story…I am in awe of what has made them how they are today. She breaks them down and build them back up. In the previous book he was Tick. In this book we get to know Dante…another side of him.

Tick..Tick..Tick! How I have come to like you. I like how you got your nickname. I like how you are a strong personality but don’t push all the time. I like how you are with Cyma.

Cyma! You are amazing! I am glad Tick showed up that night and met you. He has become so cute since meeting you. Don’t tell him I said that…he would probably have a coronary.

It’s great spending time with Anaya, Tony and the boys. They have such a great camaraderie between them. Wonderful characters and crazy good story!

My fav line in the story—

“No one is perfect and no one’s life is a fairy tale. We just hope to have those fairy tale moments from time to time. “

This is such a true statement! Whether you are a fictional character or not.

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