Spar by Randi Perrin – Review by Maura Harper

SparSpar by Randi Perrin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I opened this book in between appointments to kill a little time and I immediately closed it and opened something else. The reason I closed it is because from the very first paragraph I knew I was going to need to read this book cover to cover as soon as possible and sneaking pages in between appointments wasn’t going to do me (or the book) any good.

I love strong female leads and Chloe is strong physically and mentally. “She was comfortable with who she was and how she looked…” This book was quickly developed and flowed well from beginning to end. While at times it was a little predictable, there was enough originality about it that it was enjoyable from beginning to end. It was also cool to a read about a sport I know anything about. The writer writes so descriptively, that I was able to visually the tools of the craft that were being used.

This story has interesting family dynamics, well rounded personalities and lots of emotions. It was a shorter novel but felt like a much longer novel with all of the depth it had.

This is one of those books that I enjoyed very much and would recommend to everyone.

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