Past Storm and Fire by Christy Nicholas – Review by Erin Wolf

Past Storm and FirePast Storm and Fire by Christy Nicholas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I give Past Storm and Fire by Christy Nicholas, 5 stars.

Val has been dealing with a lot in her life — a devastating hurricane, a failing marriage, and a boss she cannot stand. To escape, she decides to write a historical romance set in past times in Iceland. The more she gets into, the more she enjoys — it’s her escape. But is it really good for her or is it destroying her real life? Follow the stories of both Val’s real life and the characters and life she created in one wonderful book!

I didn’t know what to expect from this book. I have loved previous books by this author but am not too big on the jumping back in time thing. The more I got into this book, the more I enjoyed it. The parts set back in Iceland pulled me in immediately and I could not wait to get back to these parts of the book. The modern day time frame (set in the 90s) took me a little while to get into. Personally I found the characters annoying. That being said, I believe that is the point — it shows us just how much Val is not enjoying her life. The book within a book is a great concept to me, too. I would readily read this type of book again. Let’s face it, the author has basically given us two books in one, and has managed to do a superb job at telling both stories.

I highly recommend this book to lovers of historical fiction, romance, and lovers of really good stories.

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