The Girls across the Bay (The Knox and Sheppard Mysteries, Book 1) by Emerald O’Brien – Review by Emily Walsh

The Girls Across The Bay (Knox and Sheppard, #1)The Girls Across The Bay
By: Emerald O’Brien
My Rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Girls Across The Bay (Knox and Sheppard #1) by Emerald O’Brien was a pretty okay read that kept me reading and engaged.

I very much got sucked into this book right away, I loved the cold open, and the way the first sister was introduced. We get to see her passion and get some dark back ground on her. Told in duel POV, we actually get inside both of the sisters heads, and I loved that the author choose to go that path. It added a nice layer of complexity that draws you in.

Now, I will say that when the sisters were together I had a bit of a time trying to separate their voices, and inner dialogue. It was hard to keep track of, and I had to do some rereading to get it all straight in my head. The transitions were a little rough, there was no break you could say, thus making the reading choppy and a little disconnecting. Sometimes the best way for transitions is to put a physical break in, like a symbol, to let the reader know that one scene has ended, before jumping into the next. Quick cut jumps only work in TV/Movies.

Other than that, I loved the plot and the mystery. It was compelling, well thought out and entertaining. I loved the sisterly connection and the strong bond they shared. It was for me the true highlight of this suspenseful read. There was wit mixed with darkness, that drives this story, and the tone has a bit of that heart pounding urgency that you can’t help but get addicted to. This book will have you on edge, and have you piecing the clues together with them. I’m fully committed to these two sisters, and I will be checking out more from not only this series, but this author as well.

With that said, this book gets my high recommendation and my stamp of approval.

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