The Season Finale (Paranormal Talent Agency Book 6) by Heather Silvio – Review by Angela Hayes

The Season Finale (Paranormal Talent Agency, #6)The Season Finale by Heather Silvio
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The Season Finale is the sixth and final book in the Paranormal Talent Agency Series by Heather Silvio. This has been a bittersweet read, as I have really enjoyed following this series and so to know this was the last book is a little depressing- but also a little exciting because I get to find out what happens next, and finally see how it all comes together in the end. This story, and series, is a fun paranormal mystery, with wonderful quirky characters, supernatural elements, intrigue, danger, suspense, interesting storylines, action, adventure, and romance .
Liz Addison is a television reporter who has just landed a career-making story. All she has to do is figure out the details. She knows ‘who’ to investigate- so that’s a start- right? But things take a puzzling and dangerous turn, when a time-travelling ghost makes an unexpected appearance. Then her love interest ends up with a target on his back, too, and Liz has no choice to figure things out- and quickly. With the help of the Paranormal Talent Agency they begin piecing together. But will they figure it all out in time? But at what cost? This final adventure in the series is certainly one you won’t want to miss that’s for sure!
This book should be read as part of the entire series, as there are character details, story threads, and other important information to be discovered- which will help you understand and fully appreciate what’s happening here.
I really enjoyed the clever mystery and the great tension that Ms. Silvio managed to create in the story. I could tell she put a lot of thought and planning into the story- all the clever details really give it an extra ‘polish’.
This definitely has an original spin on the paranormal romance/mystery theme. And as I have said previously with the other books, that I think that the stories and premise would make a fun television series, too.
I can’t wait to see what Ms. Silvio will do next!

Thank you, Ms. Silvio!


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