The Season Finale (Paranormal Talent Agency Book 6) by Heather Silvio – Review by Erin Wolf

The Season Finale (Paranormal Talent Agency, #6)The Season Finale by Heather Silvio
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I give The Season Finale (Paranormal Talent Agency Book 6) by Heather Silvio, 4 stars.
**This review may contain spoilers from previous books in the series.**

Liz Addison is a tv reporter who is on another hot lead. She has been told Catherine is much more important to the supernatural world than anyone suspects. Liz now needs to find out why. But she has been threatened with death if she continues. The reporter in her cannot stop until she has the answers. But when those she cares about are in danger, she is not sure what to do. Can she get to the bottom of this? At what cost?

I thoroughly enjoyed this series and looked forward to this book. I was not disappointed at all. Liz is the main character in this book, but we see much of the other characters from this series too. This is a supernatural cozy mystery type book with romance thrown in for good measure. The suspense really gets you hooked and I could not put it down until I was finished. It is a fun romp through Vegas where danger lurks at every corner. It can be read as a standalone, but you get so much more out of it if you really the previous books first. I highly recommend this book and series.

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