Kamana Wanalaya by Susan Renee – Review by Lisa Helmick

Kamana Wanalaya for the Holidays: A Grinchy/Sunshine Holiday RomanceKamana Wanalaya for the Holidays: A Grinchy/Sunshine Holiday Romance by Susan Renee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This sounded like an interesting story and I have read one other book by this author so I grabbed it. I was not as pleased with it as the previous one I read. It has a few funny moments but not a lot of laugh out loud (other than the sneeze comment). It seemed slowish and I found myself in the beginning skipping a bit. Once the story got going it was cute. Their interactions with each other are ideal.

In here there are a lot of secondary characters at the resort. I “felt” they must be previous characters as some of them get their own chapters (which is something I did not understand through most of the book). I see at the end they are from other books she has written. I like that idea but honestly I did not care when I was reading since I did not know them.

Overall this is cute and I liked it for the most part. The story was different and the two main characters both have strong beliefs for their cause. The grinch was the female which is a different angle and he is Mr Sunshine.

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