Time Tourist Outfitters, Ltd by Christy Nicholas – Review by Tausha Treadway

Time Tourist Outfitters, Ltd.Time Tourist Outfitters, Ltd. by Christy Nicholas
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Time Tourist Outfitters, Ltd by Christy Nicholas. Warning: Do not start this book at 10pm at night because you will be up all night. This is a time travel story and also a thriller. Its the story of Wilda who just wants to run her Toronto shop, garb Time Tourists and send them on their way. She loves her cat, doesn’t give a flip about what other people think and loves her whiskey. When she finds a dead body on her doorstep who happens to be one of her time travelers she is forced into going back to a job she had retired from years ago. This job sends her on a major adventure with the assistant they sent her named Mattea. She travels into 3 different era of history and if she can’t find a cure for the disease vector threatening the life of every modern Traveller. Navigating politics, camels and bandits to find the cure will she make in time or will she lose everything. Read this exciting novel you won’t be disappointed.

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