Ricochet by Kathryn Berla – Review by Angela Hayes

RicochetRicochet by Kathryn Berla
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Ricochet is a fascinating and thought provoking story by Kathryn Berla. It is a YA sci-fi fantasy with a very intriguing premise, some drama, interesting characters, mystery, and adventure.
I have read most of Ms. Berla’s books now and have enjoyed how she manages to create such diverse fantasies. And this book is no different. I was attracted to this book entirely by the cover and the original concept- before I had even realised it was by Kathryn Berla.
Going in we meet seventeen year old Tati, who doesn’t realise that she will soon discover things that will turn her world upside down and change everything she thought she knew about the world, and herself. It all starts when she sends a sample off for ancestry DNA testing. When it comes back inconclusive, it sets off a chain of events (coupled with her unexplained convulsions) that reveals parallel worlds, and her other ‘selves’. And so, the adventure begins.
The story is fairly fast paced and does ‘jump’ around a bit between past and present, and the changes in character perspectives- which made it a little confusing at times- but after adjusting to the ‘jauntiness’ of it all, the story became much easier to read.
I really wish there had been more ‘world building’, as I really would have liked to explore that aspect of the story more. I also think that whilst the characters were good, they lacked the depth and complexity which would have made them ‘great’ and this story a lot more exciting- elevating it to a whole new level. With the promise that the premise held, this book could have been amazing, and although it was a ‘good’ read- I was left just a little disappointed.
Don’t be put off reading this story though, because it is well written and does deserve a read- I am just being greedy and wanted ‘more’ of the characters, their world/s, and the story.
I wonder what Ms. Berla has in store for us next?

Thank you, Ms. Berla!


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