The Crown of Stones: Magic-Scars (Book Two) by C.L. Schneider – Review by Sarah Oakes

Magic-Scars (The Crown of Stones, #2)Magic-Scars by C.L. Schneider
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A great read about memories. After the events of the last book, Ian was drugged and imprisoned. He is set free and taken to safety but when he wakes up he has no idea who he is. But he must remember, as Kings and enemies grow more powerful and threaten the lives of everyone. Can he find himself again before ti’s too late?
A great read. Well developed plot with twists and turns. Well developed characters like Ian as a brave warrior but also lost and vulnerable underneath. Great cats of supporting characters like the sarcastic but caring Malaq or the distrustful Krillos.
I loved the visual detail throughout the novel like the icy regions at the start with its sense of beauty and danger, wonderfully written. Or with the memories of Kabri with its sand and sea, full of life and people and bright colours so vivid its as if you’re actually there.
A great example of world building with a fantasy world with its own history and geography. I liked the sense of expansion, as the author explores more of the world with seas and ice and mountains, adding things to develop this world further. The first person narrative worked brilliantly to show Ians struggle to find himself again. I also liked the use of suspense, with small details revealed slowly to make you keep on reading to find out what happened. The memories and flashbacks worked well to display what had happened and didn’t disrupt from the narrative of the present. The only issue I would raise is that there were a lot of long sentences that were hard to read which could be reduced with a variety of sentence lengths. Overall, a great read and I would give it four stars.

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