Nite Fire: Chain Reaction AUDIO BOOK by C.L. Schneider – Review by Amanda Glaspie

Chain Reaction by C.L. Schneider is the second installment of Nite Fire series. Although I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first it was still a riveting story. There was a lot going on in this book that made it hard to follow at times but once all the dots connected it was an “ahhh” moment. I enjoyed that Dalia can now settle down and has people that she connects to. It made her more personable and cheering for her to solve the mystery. the end of the book left the series open and I am excited to listen to the next installment.

Nite Fire: Chain Reaction Audio Books by C.L. Schneider – Review by Caralee Loonat

Nite Fire: Chain Reaction by C.L. Schneider
4 Stars!!!!

How do you make a book even better? Simple you create the audio version. I love being able to be able to listen to my favorite books and keep up with my tasks. This is a action packed story and kept my attention. The characters seem to jump right out of the phone and right into my vivid imagination.

I have also read this author so this is a good way to continue my enjoyment of her books. I love this series as it is a nice balance of supernatural and intrigue. I really like how the author brings her book to a new life with a great narrator. I will definitely be getting more.

Review by @caraleeloonat

Nite Fire: Chain Reaction AUDIO BOOK by C.L. Schneider – Review by Lorralei Hoerner

This audio was a very good .. and I continue to love Dahlia’s strong character. This time around Dahlia and her detective partner are investigating a mystery of deaths. Mystery and twists along the way… will Dahlia be able to find out what is causing these deaths? Definitely check this book out. I enjoy the paranormal style of this series and looking forward to book 3! Great Narrator!

Nite Fire: Chain Reaction AUDIO BOOK by C.L. Schneider – Review by Anastasia Dodson

I read this book when it first came out and I loved it. So when I saw it was on audio I jumped at the chance to listen to it because I liked it alot and the audio is a different experience all together. I loved this world the author and narrator created for us because I didn’t wanna leave. The character brought me in and I couldn’t get enough. Action and Suspense kept me on the edge of my seat and it was awesome!
I cannot wait to listen to more by this author and this narrator & I would definitely recommend this to a friend!

Nite Fire: Flash Point (Volume 1) AUDIO BOOK by C.L. Schneider – Review by Jaimie Salmon-Colburn

This was a first for me. I haven’t ever listened to an Audio book, but I am so glad that I did!! This book was awesome!! If you like shapeshifting fantasies, suspenseful adventures, and thrilling crime dramas this one is for you!! Dahlia Nite is a shapeshifter who runs from her own execution into the human world. Trying to keep her world a secret, she helps protect the human world from what lurks in the dark shadows. A string of gruesome murders puts everything at risk and she must find who’s to blame before her world and herself are exposed. This book had me on the edge of my seat trying to guess what would happen next. I would defiantly recommend this book and I can’t wait to read/listen to the rest of the set!!

Reviewed by @jaimie0459

Nite Fire: Chain Reaction AUDIO BOOK by C.L. Schneider – Review by Amanda Gonzalez

In Chain Reaction, we’re taken even deeper into the world of the supernatural, and the singular mystery from before blooms into something even more intriguing. Tensions are high after the events of the Flash Point, loyalties are tested, plots are uncovered, the question of romance is in the air, and, best of all, Dahlia Nite is on the case with her trusty and hilarious sidekick. I’ve read many sequels that are never as good as the first book, either the characters begin to fall flat or the plot does – this one was not one of them. This was one of those books you just can’t put down. Well-written, full of winding twists and turns you’ll never see coming, and lots and lots of wit, if you liked Flash Point you’ll love Chain Reaction!

Flash Point: Nite Fire Volume 1 AUDIO BOOK by C. L. Schneider – Review by Kayla Octaviano


“Flash Point” is a story about Dahlia Nite, a shape-shifting woman from another world, who just wants to find a place she belongs. After being exiled from her home, she has come to Earth to help protect the humans from evil that comes from her old home. After gruesome murders begin to occur, she tries to hide the truth from the humans, while working alongside them to get redemption for the lost souls. 

Personally, this book was hard for me to listen to in certain areas because of the descriptiveness of the demented crime scenes. However, other than that, this book was amazing. It kept me on the edge of my seat at all times. The character building is strong and always has you switching which romance to root for. The world building present in this book is phenomenal! I recommend it to anyone who can stomach some crazy crime scenes, likes suspense and piecing scenarios together, and really enjoys fantasy worlds mixing with ours.

Nite Fire: Chain Reaction AUDIO BOOK by C.L. Schneider – Review by Bobbi Wagner

This is the second audible I have listened to in this series.  This series can be listened to  as a standalone but I highly suggest the first audible as well, just as awesome.  This is a story that has creative characters and an easy flowing story line.   I enjoyed how the narrator brought the story to life with the tones of voice.  They made me want to keep listening and wanting more.  They took me on a journey of twists and turns.  This is an easy  flowing story that keeps the story engaging. I highly recommend this audible.  It is definitely worth listening to.   Find out what will happen to Dahlia next.

Flash Point: Nite Fire Volume 1 AUDIO BOOK by C. L. Schneider – Review by Deb Robinson

Flash Point (Nite Fire, #1)Flash Point by C.L. Schneider
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This audio book had a great narrator. She had a way of bringing you into the story. I really enjoyed this book.

Murders are piling up and are starting to gain a focus. Dahlia is the main character and has a sarcastic attitude and takes no crap from anyone. I love that no nonsense attitude in the main character. She is able to feel the ghosts of the dead as well as the trauma of the living. She is trying to crack the case of who is doing these murders. She knows it is one of her kind. She is supposed to be making sure the human police do not find out about her species. The story takes on so many twists and turns you are not left bored at any time. I would recommend this audio book to anyone who loves the paranormal mixed with a suspenseful murder mystery.

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Nite Fire: Chain Reaction AUDIO BOOK by C.L. Schneider – Review by Amanda Glaspie

Nite Fire: Flashpoint by C.L. Schneider was a captivating tale of a young girl, Dahlia Nite, who having escaped execution, now helps to solve crimes in the human realm and protect her people from being revealed. Flashpoint follows her exciting tale as she solves brutal murders that point to much more sinister things. Flashpoint is captivating and wants to keep you listening. I felt the characters pain, love, and happiness. I found myself rooting for her and felt the shock and surprise she felt. the end left me wanting more and cannot wait for the next book in the series.