Flowers in December Trilogy : Flowers in December, Coming Home, and Second Chance by Jane Suen – Review by Heather Bass

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This is one of my favorite series I have read this year. I absolutely loved all of these books. You can help but to fall in love with these characters. This set contains Flowers in December, Coming Home, and Second Chance. This is a great romance set to read. Once I started this series I could not stop. It only took me a few days to devour this amazing series.

Flowers in December
Connor Norton is returning to his hometown to bury his mother. He can’t believe how fast the years has gone by. Connor has been so busy with his career he has no social life. When he gets home it feels like he never left. Connor starts to realize that he is now alone and that makes him remember all the good times. He inherits the family cat Tom. Connor starts to feel like he can have a future that he always wanted. Connor meets new people that he builds a relationship with them. He wants to make a new life for himself but can he let the past rest or will it continue to haunt him?

Coming Home
Connor Norton finds himself back to his hometown. He left for a few months to grieve is mother’s passing. Connor still feels lost without her but her cat Tom makes him feel better. He is happy when he runs into Mary Ann again. Connor cares about her and he wants to start over again. He is still trying to find himself again as well. Will coming home help him with his life or will it make it even more upsetting?

Second Chance
Mary Ann is still loving her flower shop and it’s been four months after Connor left. She is seeing a new guy that is making her happy but there is something missing. Mary Ann is in the store one day and she swears she sees Connor but he went back to the city. She is in complete shock when she finds out that it is Connor. He moved back but why. Can Mary Ann and Connor move on from the hurt or will it be too much for the both of them?

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