Boss’s Vendetta (Sicilian Gods Book 1) by Via Mari – Review by Robin Rankin

Boss's Vendetta: Dark Mafia Romance (Sicilian Gods Book 1)Boss’s Vendetta: Dark Mafia Romance by Via Mari
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Boss’s Vendetta: Dark Mafia Romance (Sicilian Gods Book 1)

I know these are characters we already knew of from earlier series but oh my, there is something incredibly hot and a sexy dangerous man who’s entire life was surrounded by or working in the Mafia, at least in this world.

I think I started crushing on Salvatore from the beginning and it grew from there.

From the beginning Adrianna didn’t hold back. She stood up to him every time she got a chance and their confrontations were popcorn worthy.

Salvatore made me think of the saying about onions and peeling back the layers. What you see at the beginning with him isn’t what you find when you get to his heart.

I am so happy that this new series is here and I can’t wait to see what happens with all of the family and get introduced to even more amazing and strong characters both male and female.

This author is one of those that I grab as soon as I see there is a new book without reading the synopsis.

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