The Frontman by Lawrence Parlier – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur

The FrontmanThe Frontman by Lawrence Parlier
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book starts with us finding out that Kerry Vance has died in his hotel room of an overdose while on tour in England, this news is a shock to the system of his family, his best friend, a mystery from his past and those who know him through his music.

We start the book off a member of his family spilling orange juice all over the floor in shock and having to reign themselves in from emotionally collapsing until their daughter leaves for school.
Next we see his best friend amidst a horrendous hangover trying to take in the news, they are rudely awoken from a stupor by their other best friend, who seems determined to finish off what the alcohol, anger, devastation and drugs had started the night before. From their point of view, what the news has reported about Kerry’s death isn’t all adding up and that it was not in Kerry’s’ character to go the way he did but is determined to somehow get to the truth of the matter.

Finally we meet a long time friend of Kerry who is also hit hard by the news of his death and is desperately trying to come to terms with the news when a mysterious package from Kerry himself arrives. As they remember their time with him, they are confused as to why they have received this package and eventually pluck up the courage to open the box and read the letter addressed to them. The contents of this are a shock to the system as is the realisation why Kerry has sent it and the strange request within it.

The story continues as this request is followed to the letter, but what with trying to both stay out of trouble and cause it all at the same time, whether it can be done is another thing completely.

There are plot twists and turns in this story and nothing is as it seems throughout. It is a non-stop whirlwind that keeps your emotions on edge and a need to know how it will end, will keep you reading.

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