Old and New: The Enchanted Wedding Dress (The MacLellan Sisters Trilogy Book 1) by Lucinda Race – Review by Anantha Rusum

Old and New: The Enchanted Wedding Dress Book 1 (The MacLellan Sisters Trilogy)Old and New: The Enchanted Wedding Dress Book 1 by Lucinda Race
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all”, except this time, the magic is not in the mirror, but is on the onlooker of the mirror, who is to don a specific attire. The seeker is supposed to try on a “wedding dress” and look into the mirror to foresee her prince charming.
The series is a trilogy about three sisters, which makes me think that each book belongs to one sister. The plot of the first book revolves around the oldest sister Jamie. Jamie along with the two sisters Grace and Kenzie visits her grandparent’s homestead in Scotland, after their grandmother passes away. Their father inherits the farm.
Their grandmother leaves them a wedding dress, their family heirloom as an inheritance to the sisters along with a letter and a brooch. The sisters first laugh it off, but out of curiosity, the oldest, Jamie tries the wedding dress just to know if the mirror will show her current date as her prince charming.
But the fate, the wedding dress and the mirror have a surprise planned for her when she is caught unaware between two twins, one who fits her requirements perfectly and the other who stirs her heart. Whom will Jamie choose?
A very sweet romance story, perfect to be made as a rom-com movie. Loved it. And a story which also explores the relationship between the three sisters.

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