Rose of Anzio – Moonlight (Volume 1): a WWII Epic Love Story by Alexa Kang – Review by Anantha Rusum

Moonlight (Rose of Anzio, #1)Moonlight by Alexa Kang
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A twist to the world war II story, this is a story of a young girl who is sent away from her home far away to Chicago for her own safety. As she struggles with the new society and a completely different culture, she meets a young man, who first detests her opinions and later they begin liking each other.
As the war progresses, things around them change, and with US on the brink of war, the normal people’s lives get affected. Children are pressurized to serve and after the attach of Pearl Harbor, things get drastically changed.
How this turn of events affects the young couple’s life forms the crux of the story. It is a good story, albeit I found it a little slow at times. But overall, it is a good story for historic fiction. I liked it.

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