Starvation by Molly Fennig – Review by Dawn Daughenbaugh

StarvationStarvation by Molly Fennig
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Star
Starvation by Molly Fennig

Starvation by Molly Fennig is wonderfully written story that at times I had a hard time reading. The subject of Starvation strikes very close to home. I had a very close friend who battled with this and looking back now all the signs were there just nobody realized this person had a problem until it was to late. But my friend got the help they needed .Wes looses his brother due to a accident and after that things start to change. He meets Caila and she introduces him to fruit diet .nut it doesn’t stop there. Will he get help before its to late? Will she get help? Find out what happens next in this must read. Be prepared to go through the emotions of happy, sad and being angry. This is my first read by this author but definitely not my last. I look forward to reading more from this Author.

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