Bake Believe AUDIO BOOK by Cori Cooper – Review by Kerry Baker

Bake Believe Audible Logo Unabridged Audio Book by Cori Cooper is a great YA book that really draws you in and makes you become invested in Cat. She is such a loveable character that brings the whole story to life.

Having read this book previously I was excited to listen to the audio book version. And while I still really enjoyed the story I did struggle with the narration a bit. I found it hard to connect with the person telling this story, hard to listen to their way of bringing it to life. Their style definitely suited this type of book which makes me think this is definitely a personal thing. and knowing how good this book is, it doesn’t take away from it being a 5* read.

The Dream Catchers (Prestoria) by J. U. Menon – Review by Piper Foster

The Dream Catchers: PRESTORIA Series Book 1The Dream Catchers: PRESTORIA Series Book 1 by J.U. Menon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Prestoria is alot different to what I though it would be like. This is definitely aimed at older children it a book filled with adventure, mystery and some nightmare. This is a lovely quick read.

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The Dream Catchers (Prestoria) by J. U. Menon – Review by Tamisha Janay

The Dream Catchers: PRESTORIA Series Book 1The Dream Catchers: PRESTORIA Series Book 1 by J.U. Menon

There was never a dull moment in this story! We start with Radhika and a bit of her backstory. We meet her aunt, grandmother, and brother and discover how everything starts to tie together. I have been reading books lately that are slightly out of my small comfort zone, and I have been astounded at the amazing writing I have encountered so far. This book did not fail me on that aspect. The characters were wonderfully written, the deception and taunting made everything that much more intriguing, and not being able to tell whether they were in a dream or real life was wildly entertaining. I love the myths and folklore that took up storylines in this book and was pleasantly surprised at my ability to solve a riddle as quickly as I did! I am thankful this is a series because JU Menon has done such a beautiful job that I cannot wait to read the next installment!

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The Forsaken: Wraith by Martin Ferguson – Review by Kerry Carr

The Forsaken: WraithThe Forsaken: Wraith by Martin Ferguson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the first book is a new series by this author and from this book its going to be a great series. It is a young adult read but I really enjoyed it. I loves the fantasy aspect and the danger. With twists and turns around every corner you are kept on the edge of your seat all the way through.

When Alena’s world is destroyed she loses everything. She loses her home, her family and eventually her name. She is taken away and trained to become part of The Guild. The Guild is a group of people who are highly trained and Alena needs to find where she belongs.
After a successful trail on her own she comes back with the head of a Siren which makes her a Slayer.
Now she gets placed in the service of the Sacred and now her real adventure begins.

It’s a great 1st book in the series and I am eager to see where the next book takes us.

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The Forsaken: Wraith by Martin Ferguson – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

The Forsaken: WraithThe Forsaken: Wraith by Martin Ferguson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Alena Athscar is a young woman of sixteen who lost her family in one night eight years before which was filled with blood, fire and snow, all because she has a gift people are searching for, but she is rescued by her Uncle and she is taken to live with him and grew up training to be a part of the Guild of thieves, assassins, saviours and slayers which he is the Guild master, now she is in the midst of her trial and is walking through a torrential downpour towards a tavern at a crossroads, it is warm and inviting and the bar keep is friendly, it looks like there isn’t going to be much information she can use, that is until a man comes running in speaking of a terrifying incident which has destroyed his caravan and possibly those he was travelling with in a nearby forest, that is all she needs to know and she heads off in that direction. When she gets there, she immediately senses something isn’t right and her suspicions are confirmed when she sees a trio of bandits she crossed paths with earlier attack each other in such a way that she knows they are not quite themselves, when she looks closer and is then confronted by the cause of the disquiet, she ends up fighting for her life and triumphs in the end, as she returns to the inn, she observes another confrontation, this time between the man and someone in his party, this leads to her getting paid.

When she returns to the Guildhall to receive confirmation of the her apprenticeship and completion of her trial, she is given the brand of the Guild and the designation of Slayer, closely followed by designation of her first contracted job, she has to retrieve a missing person for the Sacred, a group of sorcerers who either recruit or destroy those with arcane abilities, the need for discretion and speed in insisted upon and after receiving all the information she can, she takes her payment and goes to visit some vendors to stock up on what she will need for the job. Her first stop is the Healer to treat her wounds and give an offering to the Gods, she visits the Fence to sell the things she didn’t give to the Guild, next is the Scholar to gather some information about where she will be going and the current situation there, including a map with the way clearly marked, a trip to the Alchemist for healing potions and something to help slay any obstacles in front of her and finally to the Armourer to replace her short sword, chainmail armour and gathering a few more weapons to add to her arsenal.

After she is packed and ready to go, she goes to a local inn to recruit a party tot travel with her and support her with the job, there isn’t much uptake to begin with, they disbelieve that she, a mere girl is worthy of them, but eventually people step up to the plate and they finally set off onto their journey, but it isn’t smooth sailing on the way, never mind when they reach their destination, however what they find there is nothing short of terrifying, but will the group be able to destroy what needs to be destroyed and stay alive in the process, or will the beasts and demons prevail over the Slayer and her group of individuals? This is a thrilling fantasy adventure which keeps you on a rollercoaster of emotions as you journey along a perilous path with this group of misfits.

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The Forsaken: Wraith by Martin Ferguson – Review by Erin Wolf

The Forsaken: WraithThe Forsaken: Wraith by Martin Ferguson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I give The Forsaken: Wraith by Martin Ferguson, 5 stars.

This book is incredible. It is completely different than the author’s Relic Hunters series, yet it still has the same sense of adventure the author excels at. This new world is so detailed and interesting. I really want to be there and felt pulled in immediately. The author does such a fantastic job in this tale of fantasy. Then there are the characters. Slayer is such a wonderful primary character. She has such a past that forged who she has become. Not to mention that she still learns as the book goes on. She has her flaws, but is ruled by her heart. She is what really makes this book and what I hope to be a long-running series.

If you like fantasy stories with imaginative worlds and strong female main characters, this book is definitely for you.

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The Forsaken: Wraith by Martin Ferguson – Review by Kerry Baker

The Forsaken: WraithThe Forsaken: Wraith by Martin Ferguson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Forsaken: Wraith by Martin Ferguson is an explosive start to a new series. It is not often you get a book like this, one that absolutely captures you from start to finish. This whole book is thrilling. The author takes you on such an exciting journey. Half the time I didn’t know which way to turn because I was so caught up in what was happening.
Having previously read his Relic Hunters series I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book and it did not disappoint at all! The whole book was so well executed that I am already looking forward to seeing more from these characters.

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Bake Believe AUDIO BOOK by Cori Cooper – Review by Bobbi Wagner

I enjoyed reading this book and was excited to pick up and listen to the audio.  I enjoyed how the narrator made the story fun and entertaining to listen to.  I also enjoyed how they brought the story to life with the different tones for each character.  This is a cute young adult story about Cat and what happens to her when a scheduling mix up places her in a culinary class. Her family has a secret and she is about to find out what it is.  I really enjoyed Cat’s character, she was fun  and I enjoyed her  growth throughout her mix up.   Great story to listen to and worth the audio pick up.  I highly recommend this audio.

The Girl and the Gargoyle (The Girl and the Raven Book 2) by Pauline Gruber

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The Girl and the Gargoyle (The Girl and the Raven Book 2) by Pauline Gruber
Genre – Paranormal for young adults; fantasy for young adults; supernatural for young adults
Page Count – 486 pages
When a meet-the-parents moment becomes an assassination attempt, can one magical teenager save everyone she loves?
Lucy Walker is overwhelmed. Discovering her demon dad is on the opposite side of a supernatural war with her gargoyle boyfriend’s family was hard enough. But when a dinner date with her beau’s parents results in his father announcing his mission to make her an orphan, Lucy’s blood threatens to boil.
Determined to recruit all the support she can find to help save her father, Lucy is baffled by how easily her white-witch mentors agree to assist…until they reveal her own life is also at risk. And with her demon blood causing dangerous jealousies over sessions with her combat training partner, she fears she may lose everything.
Can Lucy bridge the divide between two warring factions before their feud sends her to her doom?
The Girl and The Gargoyle is the suspenseful second book in The Girl and The Raven YA paranormal romance series. If you like fireball-hurling heroines, forbidden attractions, and terrifying twists, then you’ll love Pauline Gruber’s dark tale.


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Pauline Gruber is a self-professed music junkie, cat wrangler, and travel nut. She went to Paris in the 90’s where she discovered a love of three things: croissants, old cathedrals, and gargoyles. Deciding that the paranormal world could use a new kind of hero, Pauline translated her fascination with the protective gargoyle into a suspenseful love story. She is the author of the young adult series, The Girl and the Raven, The Girl and the Gargoyle, and The Girl and the Demon. By day, Pauline is a legal assistant for a Chicago law firm where she borrows identities and incorporates them into her books. If you tell anyone, she’ll deny, deny, deny.


Pauline lives outside of Chicago with her precocious black cats.


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