Starvation by Molly Fennig – Review by Erica Fish

StarvationStarvation by Molly Fennig
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the first book I have read by Molly Fennig. This is a great YA book. It deals with a subject matter that is sensitive in nature. It is about eating disorders.It is an emotional read. The characters are well developed and are complicated. This book is a roller coaster ride for emotions. This story is about Wes, a not so popular teen. His brother on the other hand was very popular. This all changes in a minute. Wes is thrown into the spotlight and that is when the eating disorder takes over. Will Wes come to terms with what is happening to him or will he make matters worse? Can Wes step out from his brother’s shadow and start changing other’s idea about him? I highly recommend reading this book as it takes on tough situations. I would not be afraid to recommend this book to a young adult as they may see something that could help them from a situation they are going through.

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