Jordan's Justice: A New Adult Sport Romance (Tessa and Jordan Book 2)Jordan’s Justice: A New Adult Sport Romance by T. Christensen
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This book was truly something else. Jordan’s Justice was my first novel by T. Christensen, but it truly blew me away. I didnt want to put it down, I cried during quiet a few parts, and I was so frustrated with the characters sometimes it was crazy! Writing like that doesn’t come by every day.

Tessa Parker is a single mom working multiple jobs throughout her duaghter’s life to be able to give her everything she has ever needed as well as taking care of her mother as her condition worsens. So when she attends a fundraiser for work and finds that a true and awful blast from her past is the celebrity volunteer, to say she is shocked would be an understatement.

Jordan Davis made it, NBA star, living his dream. But when the girl who betrayed him is at the same event, his hatred for her comes out in full swing.

Can Jordan get passed the past? Can Tessa convince him the past didn’t happen the way he was told? This story struck every emotional cord. It was truly phenomenal!

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