In Plain Sight ( The Broken Bow Book 3) by Ashley A Quinn – Review by Ashley Dover

In Plain Sight (Broken Bow Book #3)In Plain Sight by Ashley A Quinn
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Thomas Archer and Rayna Nydert were childhood sweethearts. Broken hearts and broken promises have kept them apart as their lives have moved in opposite directions.

Thomas is Silver Gap’s young veterinarian while Rayna has opened her own greenhouse to pursue her passion for growing fruits and vegetables. One night while gathering the final product of the night, Rayna hears a noise in the garden and finds 18-year-old Mason Lund bruised and scared. He has been running for three days to get away from a sex trafficking ring. Mason’s shoulder is out of the socket, but he says “no hospitals”. Rayna turns to the one person she can trust, Thomas Archer. Thomas and Rayna form a bond to keep Mason safe.

Finding those involved in the trafficking ring turns into a circus as people in law enforcement and Silver Gap’s government are involved. Will Thomas and Rayna be able to help Mason find the friends he left behind? Will Thomas and Rayna be able to put their past behind them and move forward together as a family for Mason?

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