Ruthless Heir (Mafia Elite Book 5) by Amy McKinley – Review by Shannon Fowler

Ruthless Heir: An Enemies to Lovers Mafia Romance (Mafia Elite, #5)Ruthless Heir: An Enemies to Lovers Mafia Romance by Amy McKinley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As always, I read this book in one sitting, this author has a way with storytelling that makes me what to read cover to cover. I love her mafia series and this story is no different. The characters, Summer and Luc can handle anything thrown their way. Which is exactly what brings them together. First by chance and then by another chance. This is a stranger to friends to lovers kind of story. And it is pretty perfect.

“We were at a precipice. The lives we lived were over, and our next adventure had only begun.” ~Summer

This is exactly how life moves. From one adventure to the next. Childhood to adulthood. Marriage to children to empty nest. What will be our next adventure be? What adventure will this author bring to Summer and Luc?

“It was awe, love, and pride, and somehow seeing it on his features and allowing myself to feel it, too, released those emotions from the padlocked box inside of me. It was time to stop hiding from him and from myself.” ~Summer

Looking forward to the next in this series and wondering where the author will take us next!

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Reviewed by @shannonlovesbooks

Blue Summer Part One by Everly Taylor – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Blue Summer Part OneBlue Summer Part One by Everly Taylor
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lillie is a girl on a mission, she wants to become a fixture in the fashion design world, but in order to do that, she needs to start at the bottom and today, this means that she has to carry a load of clothing designs by one designer to a meeting with another designer, however, she did not expect the humidity and weight of the clothing to combine to make her walk one which can only lead to being a sweaty mess. However, as she is making her way down a particularly busy road, someone decides that they want her purse, so when the guy in question slams into her back and causes her to try and pull her bag back, this causes her to fall flat on her back side and drop all of those designer pieces all over the floor.

As Lillie is raging at this unknown assailant, an unknown male voice drags her from her thoughts and helps her up from the floor and when she turns to look at her mystery helper, little does she realise that it is a Zayed, and a hot, sexy one at that. Thinking little further than that, she thanks him and starts to chase after her assailant while shouting to ask whether the Zayed will watch ehr things until she gets back, not that she is expecting that to happen in the slightest. Lillie is confident that she can outrun and outsmart the purse snatcher because she knows the area like the back of her hand and knows all the shortcuts, however, when she sees that the Zayed is hot on her heels and determined to continue helping her, she agrees and as he is going after the other guy, she takes a shortcut and gets in front.

When the predicted appearance of the culprit comes to pass, she hauls him down from the fence, kicks him in the ribs and repeats the move he used on her to get the bag, thus dragging him back and relinquishing her purse from his clutches, it is at this point that the Zayed comes back and scares the living daylights out of the guy before escorting her back to where they first met, but she is amazed to see another Zayed gathering the clothing and insisting that the two of them escort her to her destination, but not before falling into her and nearly getting her run over by a bus! Lillie reluctantly agrees to their offer of help and before she knows it, she is at her intended destination with minutes to spare, thanks the Zayeds and whilst thinking that they are nothing like they have been portrayed, they are polite, hot as hell and just genuinely nice people and the only thing different about them is their blue skin. After freshening up, Lillie goes into her meeting, however, it doesn’t go well and after she storms out and goes home. It is on her way that she realises that she is being followed by someone and just as she makes a break for it and almost reaches her apartment, they pop in front of her out of thin air and then proceed to kidnap her.

When she wakes up, she is locked in a room in a tall tower, so she looks around to try and see if she can get out of the window, however, while she is moving a footstool over to it, she knocks a vial of something which breaks all over the floor. When the kidnapper returns to the room to question her, she cannot give him the answers he is looking for, but she manages to make a break for it when the kidnapper lets his guard down and as she is running she bumps into the two Zayeds from earlier in the day and they are accompanied by another two as they run to her aid, but what will happen when they get to safety? Will Lillie discover somewhere she could find happiness, or has she just walked into a more dangerous scenario than the one she left? This is a story full of magic, romance, secrets and revelations all rolled into one, as well making you think about lifes preconceptions and how this can affect how you see the world.

Reviewed by @roxsannel

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Nightfall by TK Lawyer – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

NightfallNightfall by T.K. Lawyer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tamara is a woman who has her life sorted out she has a job she loves, friends around her who support her a love her and a home she has made her own, but the only thing she is missing is companionship since her beagle passed away, however, when a dog keeps appearing on her doorstep night after night she doesn’t know what to do, until she takes him to the vet to see if he is healthy, but when they tell her that it is possibly a wolf, she isn’t sure whether to keep him or not, but in the ends she gets his shots done and takes him home. Josh is a werewolf who is looking for his mate, but when he finds her, he doesn’t realise that he has met her in the past until he is enticed by her scent while on a run and ends up on her doorstep, that is until one day she takes him in as her pet. As she goes to the pet store to get the supplies she needs to look after her new pet, she starts to hear a voice in her head which isn’t hers, she thinks it might be the dog, but that would make her a little insane, so she dismisses it just as quickly. After they return to Tamara’s home she tries to lay down some ground rules, but cannot understand the dog’s behaviour sometimes, however while she tries to name him, she keeps coming up short until she thinks of Nightfall and with the dog’s approval, that’s what she names him.

After Tamara leaves for work the next morning, Josh shifts back into his human form and thinks about the predicament he has gotten himself into acting as her pet, it is taking all his control not to reveal himself to her, especially when she is changing into or out of her clothes. So as he deliberates his plan, makes himself something to eat and makes himself comfortable in her home, until she gets home and somehow finds a towel smelling of a man, even though there hasn’t been one in her home for days, albeit confused, she just dismisses the strange things happening again. As the days pass and the two fall into a routine, Josh is finding it harder and harder to keep his feelings and urges in check, but he has started the wooing with gifts, however, he struggles immensely when she goes on a date with another man, but he finds out where and turns up, it is a good job that he does when the date turns sour, he waits until she is safely on her way home until he returns there himself as Nightfall and when he does, Tamara is worried sick and then pours her heart out to him.

This is when Josh decides that he cannot keep himself away from Tamara any longer and decides to reveal himself to her that night, he shifts into his human form and wakes her up gently before springing the information on her, but how will she react to his revelations and will she accept him for who he is, or will she run a mile because of the past she has kept hidden for so long? This is a paranormal romance with a realistic look at relationships and how pasts can affect the present and future. It is a story which will keep you hooked on their rollercoaster of a journey until you find out the final choices they make

Reviewed by @roxsannel

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Cursed Whispers (Broderick Coven Book 3) by AJ Renee – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Cursed Whispers (Broderick Coven, #3)Cursed Whispers by A.J. Renee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Max Broderick is one of seven children and they are all witches, but they only found out a year ago, they each have a different magical gift and Max’s happens to be the ability to talk to animals, with a little bit of emotion triggered telekinesis thrown in for good measure. On this particular day, he is heading to his sisters house for her baby shower with one of his other brothers, he thinks he hears something coming from the woods, however puts it out of his mind and goes into the house and see his sister, but as soon as he does, he feels a pull to go out onto her patio hears a whimper of pain and sets off running in it’s direction. As he searches the woods for the animal in need, he doesn’t even contemplate whether his brother is following him because the pull he is feeling is too strong to ignore and when he finds the injured wolf which is in such a desperate condition he immediately talks to it and tries to reassure it that it is safe and in good hands, btu when he picks it up and it passes out, he realises just how bad its condition is.

As the wolf is drifting in and out of consciousness, she hears smatterings of conversations in the background but cannot focus long enough to understand their meaning and as soon as she surfaces, she is dragged back down into the darkness of memories and regrets. When she next wakes up she feels the presence of a pack alpha and is terrified of him, but the other voices around her realise this and tell him off, it is then that she realises that the door to the cage she is in is open and considers running, however, the kind voice nearby tells her it would be no use in the condition she is currently in, but that she is also free to leave whenever she wants to. She responds to his questions as best she can and introduces herself as Claudia Lupita, but she is overtaken by the need to shift and the excruciating pain which this causes makes unusual things happen in the room although she doesn’t understand why yet. Meanwhile Max is taken aback by the sudden and fierce need to protect this werewolf and loses control of his telekinesis when his brother tries to approach Claudia to heal her now she is back in her human form and as he apologises for throwing them around the room and allows him near to her to help heal her, all the while feeling her pain within him and not comprehending why.

After the others leave the surgery Max tries to engage with Claudia while giving her space and time to adjust to the new environment around her all the while constantly reassuring her that she is safe with him. Claudia decides to use the facility shower to clean up a bit and rests while she can after eating while thinking about the hell she has escaped and the things she still needs to do and when Max’s sister comes back the next morning with supplies and a kitten who chooses to be called Stormy, Claudia starts to talk about how she arrived there and who is still in the woods waiting for her. It is at this point that a Broderick family meeting is called so that Claudia doesn’t have to repeat what she has to tell them more than once and when she explains the abusive pack she escaped from with her daughter they all decide there and then that they will do everything they can to find her daughter and then help her get revenge on the pack which she escaped from.

Claudia is overwhelmed with the offer of help from the most unlikely of allies, another werewolf pack and a coven of witches and guardedly accepts their help, but her feelings towards Max are confusing her as much as they are confusing him, when they are told that they are fated mates, but will Max be able to help Claudia to overcome the events of her past, or is she too damaged to acknowledge her mate and all that it entails? Will they be able to work together to find Claudia’s daughter and the pack she escaped from and what will happen if they do? This is a romance filled with family, friends, love and some despair which will drag you along on the journey within its pages to the final destination and the highs and lows which go along with it.

Reviewd by @roxsannel

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Luce Eterna: Part 1: Book 5, The Luminara Series by SJ Molloy – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Luce Eterna: Part 1: Book 5, The Luminara SeriesLuce Eterna: Part 1: Book 5, The Luminara Series by S.J. Molloy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is only for those over 18 due to the adult nature of the content and themes which some may find triggering.

Lexi and Lucca are back in another installment of the Luminara series and it is still them against the world, but this time, they have the twins to think of, after their mothers abduction and brutal beating which started the premature labour, four weeks later and they are improving, although both Lexi and Lucca are exhausted they are still a team and still looking after their two miracle babies. This little girl is finally out of the hospital and allowed home, however, their little boy is still in the SCBU unit, although that is a huge downgrade in levels from the incubariot he has been in since birth. They have been able to have family and friends to visit, as well as trying to look after each other, but between Lucca being hands on with most things, Lexi is still trying to get into a routine with breastfeeding, expressing and all the other things that babies need, especially when premature.

As they are allowed to take their little girl out of the hospital, they decide to stay in a hotel across the way so that they can be close to their little boy. They regularly go to see him and are overjoyed with their little miracle bundles. However, they are still reeling from the events and the consequences associated with them, the fact they still need the security detail, the fact that two pasts combined to create a horrific present, the loss of close friends and the seemingly endless media scrutiny surrounding it all. However much they are trying, Lexi is in denial and Lucca is struggling to keep his head above water as well, but they have support all around them and this is something that they will come to rely on sooner rather than later.

On the day that their little boy has his final xray before getting the all clear to come home, they are preparing the baby bag, stroller and necessities while planning the tasks for the day ahead depending on whether the results are positive or negative, while all the time praying that they can take him home, so they check the post and find that an old acquaintance has sent them something which is undesirable, but they brush it off as purely being bitchy. However, when they get to the unit there have been some unplanned and unforeseen changes in staffing and when they ask who is with their child, they find out that it isn’t his normal nurse, but it is another two whom they have known and trust, so Lexi is encouraged by Lucca to take a nap while they are waiting for his return and she is happily asleep in her carrier. Lexi is suddenly awoken in a panic by the sound of Lucca’s voice shouting, her daughter missing out of her carrier and realises that she is leaking all over her shirt, wondering what is happening, she approaches the voices, however, she is horrified to find that the nurses who were meant to be with their son aren’t and that their son is actually missing!

As Lucca crumbles to the ground screaming, wailing and breaking, Lexi is screaming while trying to find her son, but when she sees the state that Lucca is in and that his PTSD and past experiences are coming back with full force to haunt him, she takes control of the situation and starts to deal with the police, security and everything else around her. As he is breaking, she is being reformed into a master multitasker and all the while juggling motherhood, but will Lexi be able to keep all the plates in the air, or will she crumble and break as her emotions cascade around her? Will Lucca be able to come out of his downward spiral and help Lexi to find their son, or will he let his demons get the better of him while he gives up the ghost? This is another rollercoaster ride of emotion as you are hauled along on their journey with them and experience every twist and turn at the same time.

Review by @roxsannel

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The Web of Humanity: A Novel by Maria Turchin – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

The Web of Humanity: A NovelThe Web of Humanity: A Novel by Maria Turchin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Anna Venu is a woman with a loving family, but one who holds many secrets, as she has grown up, she has realised that her grandmother didn’t want to share anything about her past as she lived her life travelling from Austria to Berlin and finally to the USA, she didn’t even tell her husband anything, she just acted as if it didn’t matter and nobody really pressed her, at least until one day just before she passed away when Anna asked her and she only told a snippet of a story about how she loved the zoo in Berlin, especially the zebra’s and how one saved her life during WWII when it blocked her from an artillery shell and losing it’s life in the process. However, a year later when she is feeling restless and nearly involved in an accident, she decides to go and visit her grandfather, he was a Seaman in the Navy and had written his story down in a book about how he survived a U-Boat attack and how he ended up meeting his wife, which Anna often revisited when she had the chance, however, on this particular day, he shows her a card with writing on the back addressed to her grandmother and a photograph which she always kept at her bedside, this is the starting point of a journey of discovery where Anna uses her pre-law training, her tenacity and determination to discover her grandmothers hidden past.

Anna is given access to some funds and decides to travel across the world to Austria and start at the beginning in the town of Sankt Gilgen in Austria where she goes to start to find out about her roots, this is when she realises that she has more family that she could have imagined as her search leads her to an old woman with a very detailed and large family tree and a story of why her grandmother distanced herself from them, it turns out that she fell in love with a soldier and refused to return to the family home after he tragically was killed in the war, instead deciding to become a nurse and stay in Berlin where she had gone to look for him.The next day when Anna shows the picture she brought with her, it turns out that it is a bit of a mystery as to why she didn’t look the same as in her portrait on the family tree, so Anna decides to go to Vienna where there is a military museum and try to get some more information about one of the men in the picture. When she gets there, she is rebuffed by a bored receptionist and then pointed in the right direction by a helpful security guard and meets the ex director of the museum, she asks for his help, however, it is not his area of expertise, but he knows someone whose it is. As Anna is put into contact with the next professor, she finds that she has to travel to Berlin and try and figure things out after their meeting, but she is passed onto a student as the professor hasn’t the time to deal with her request.

In this next stage of her journey, Anna finds out more about the people in the photograph, however, there is another mystery to solve when they are identified, they are not who she thought they were and so the next piece of the puzzle has to be sought and this leads her on a merry chase and discoveries which she would never have believed. Will she find out her grandmother’s past, or will it die with her when one lead after the other turns to nothing, or will what she discovers shake the very foundations of what Anna believed? This is a mystery with a historical basis which will challenge your perceptions, as well as teaching you about life at the time in the format of a thrilling mystery which will keep you intrigued throughout.

Reviewed by @roxsannel

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Chameleon by Zoe Kalo – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

ChameleonChameleon by Zoe Kalo
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Paloma is a seventeen year old girl who has recently lost her father, so in an attempt to contact him she conducted a seance in school, but she really underestimated the effect it would have on the rest of the school’s population, fear and rumours of an indiscretion with a boy in a confessional spread like wildfire and resulted in her expulsion. However, the convent she is now approaching with her mother, step father and little sister looks more like a prison, a prison she only has to stay in for seven months, a prison ruled by nuns in black habits and full of orphans and less than perfect school children. As she enters through the front door, Paloma cannot but admire the building itself, but the nuns are not what she would have expected, or at least the one who answers the door isn’t. After she watches one girl get told off for lying and have her ear twisted as a punishment, they are interrupted by another nun, but this time, one in a whilte habit, Madre Superiore, the headmistress of the establishment and the one who takes the family to her office to go over the final details and oversee their goodbyes.

As the same nun from earlier escorts Paloma to her dormitory, she points out where the necessary places she will need to know about are, the dining room, the library, the dormitories and the floor where the nuns sleep and which is off limits to students and as they enter the dormitories, Paloma is introduced to one of the students she will be sharing the dormitory with called Rubia. Rubia helps Paloma to settle in and goes through the rules with her again while Paloma unpacks, but for some reason, she can’t put her finger on it, Rubia seems off, not rude or impolite, but indescifrable for some reason and that unsettles Paloma a little. Paloma also finds out that Rubia will be the one who will be helping her to catch up on the lessons she has missed between schools, to which Paloma reluctantly agrees, it is while she is unpacking that Paloma hears the waterfall through the open windows and has to stop herself from panicking and having flashbacks, but she manages and Rubia carries on with the tour of the convent.

As they talk more about the different nuns and a little about Rubia’s past, Paloma changes into her uniform and they head down for dinner, on their way Rubia introduces her to three other girls who are also in the same dormitory, Adelite who is the one who was being punished for lying earlier, who is very quiet and seems to always be far away in her own mind, Silvy, a girl with cat like eyes and delusions of grandeur with regards to her heritage and personality, but who is also always seeking attention and finally Maria, a bigger girl with a friendly smile and tortoiseshell glasses who seems to be close with Adelita and helps to keep her mind on what she is doing at the time. Each of the girls has a past and slowly as time progresses Paloma learns of them, but she also learns that they are nearly all interested in the seance and want to take part in one, all apart from Maria who is very dubious of the whole thing, however, they all agree to hold one, however, their reasons are slightly different for each of them and what they discover during the seance leads to a whole host of new questions and a mystery to solve.

A few days later, accidents start to happen and Paloma starts to believe that she is seeing and hearing things in the halls of the convent and in the graveyard outside, however when the accidents become fatal, Paloma risks everything to try and unravel the mystery, however, is it all in her head, or is there really a malevolent presence in the convent? Will she be able to solve the mystery or will there be nobody left to save? This is a thrilling and yet disturbing mystery which will keep you guessing right until the end while simultaneously leaving you wondering if it is all in Paloma’s imagination and not real at all.

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Apocalypse NOPE!! by Deidre Huesmann – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Apocalypse NOPE!!Apocalypse NOPE!! by Deidre Huesmann
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ivy-Jean is a teenager in high school, but that is where the similarities to others in her year end, she is tall with dark hair and spiders for friends, but she is alone, bullied and called names all the time she is out of the house, but when she is at home, she is a disappointment to her mum and usually her dad is nowhere to be found. She does have the responsibility of picking up their mail, but gets annoyed when she has to redeliver mail. To her neighbour whose mail always seems to get mixed up with her family’s, even though they live on completely different floors. As she gets home from school as usual, she has made some new spider friends, whom her mum attacks and kills before IVy-Jean can relax, this is followed by another confrontation with her mum about getting into trouble at school and her lack of friends as she rushes out to go to work, but this day is different, today she decides that to hell with federal law, she is going to open her neighbours mail and see what is inside, little does she know that as she reads the words on the page, she is going to be getting into a whole heap of a new kind of trouble.

As her last remaining spider friend of the day crawls onto the letter and walks around underlining the word “Come” and as soon as the word is out of Ivy-Jean’s mouth, there is a thump on the wall in the corridor outside her apartment, followed by the door exploding inwards and a young guy about her age walks through her door dressed in boots, dark pants, a red silk shirt and a cape bearing a huge broadsword bigger than he is! However, when he introduces himself as “War, the second Four Horseman of the Apocalypse” and that he is at her service, she cannot believe her eyes or ears, thoughts flow through her head, but no matter what she cannot believe that this is real and when he mentions her neighbour, Ivy-Jean realises that he is assuming that is her, but no matter what she says he will not listen. As the conversation carries on he insists that she calls the rest of the Horsemen and that they should go look for them, it is at this point that another figure emerges out of nowhere behind her, they are pale, grey and almost skeletal looking with a voice that sounds like winter frost and a cold breeze which accompanies it, that person then introduces themselves as “Death”.

As no other Horseman has appeared after this latest summoning, Ivy-Jean, War and Death go on a hunt through the city to find the remaining two, amid Ivy-Jean trying to understand what is going on while trying not to get herself killed on the city street, it is an anxiety inducing mess. At one point during their walk, Ivy-Jean’s spider, now named Spinderella jumps onto War’s face which startles him and sends him reeling into a woman and consequently breaking her arm, but when she starts spouting insults of all kinds at him, War asks permission to smite her while she is being helped by a passerby, when she says yes, War is in his element and the next thing she knows there are two piles of ash where the two people used to be, when War is questioned on this, he just replies that the man’s soul was evil and needed to die as well. As Ivy-Jean is processing this, War and Death spot a familiar face staring people down in a restaurant nearby and this is where she meets Famine, a woman who is beautiful and obsessed with food waste and how it is destroying the planet, when they find her, she is about to kill a restaurant manager, but Ivy-Jean manager to convince her to stave off doing it and retreat so they can find the final Horseman. It is at this point that they realise that something is off when their leader, Pestilence and the final Horseman who is actually taller than Ivy-Jean and looks like he is a gift from the gods with blonde hair and the strong face of an angel, turns up in her neighbor’s apartment and this is where they find out the mistake that the other three have made and the reality of Ivy-Jean’s responsibilities as the Summoner are laid out before her, as well as the consequences if she cannot complete her task.

As they talk out what needs to happen, it is decided that they need to enroll into the local high school, and observe what the youth of the era think of the world and see it through Ivy-Jean’s eyes, however, this doesn’t go quite to plan and the Horsemen bar Death end up enrolling in after school classes and becoming more entwined with the mortal youth than they should be, but can Ivy-Jean keep them on the right path, or will she fail both herself and those closest to her? This is a fantastical and unusual telling of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse tale while bringing it into a modern setting which will keep you laughing and reading throughout.

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The Lightning Horse (Empire at Twilight Book 1) by N.L. Holmes – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

The Lightning Horse (Empire at Twilight, #1)The Lightning Horse by N.L. Holmes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In the land of Hatti, Tiwatipara is a charioteer and he drives the chariot of the Prince Nerikaili, son of The Sun and he is very proud of his work with both the chariots and the horses who pull them. This day is no different when The Sun’s new pair of stallions are being shown off to a crowd of royalty, fellow charioteers, the staff who work at the stables, as well as other inhabitants of the city, it is a proud day for Tiwatipara who has been invited to ride in The Sun’s chariot, however, this chance is taken away when The Sun is called away on urgent business and instead Tiwatipara stays on the sidelines and his father and grandfather ride in the chariot, however, this is both a blessing and disguise when the chariot crashes killing Tiwatipara’s father and gravely injuring his grandfather and because he was the one to prepare and check the carriage over, the guilt he carries from that day from thinking that he was the cause of it changes his life forever.

Three years later and things within the kingdom are in flux, old enemies are reappearing and new enemies are trying The Sun’s patience by wasting his time with meaningless requests and platitudes while working against him in the background. Tiwatipara is still driving Prince Nerikaili’s chariot, however he does so recklessly and this puts others in a predicament while dealing with him and from that day, he feels like his and his families fortunes are on the descent and that they are being punished for some reason. As things become more confused and conflicting within Hatti, Tiwatipara is given information which again changes the course of his life, but will this be for the better, or for the worse and how will it affect those around him?

This is a historical fiction with intrigue, secrets, betrayal, love and hate where nothing is as it seems and will keep you reading to both know what happens in the end, all while learning more about the culture and the history it is based upon.

Reviewed by @roxsannel

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Love by Design (The Meraki Series Book 2) by Effie Kammenou – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Love by Design (The Meraki series, #2)Love by Design by Effie Kammenou
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mia Andarakis is one of four children in a typical greek household, however, she doesn’t live the typical single woman’s greek life, she lives in an apartment in the city with her best friend, she has a job with a magazine as a graphic designer amongst other things and a family who loves her, even if they can be stifling and overly opinionated at times, but she is convinced that she was born in the wrong era as her tastes in fashion and music are not current by any means, but she is happy. Today however, she is going to the first meeting of the Community of Creatives in Publishing (CCP), but when she sees the man on the podium, Nicholas Aristedis, the CEO of Aris Publishing, all rational thought and movement are scrubbed from her mind, he is stunning and his voice is like nothing she has ever heard before and she has definitely never reacted in such a way before, so she doesn’t quite know how to handle it. The CCP also have an awards ceremony yearly and this year Mia is proud to have been on the committee organising it, but when she comes face to face with Nicholas, he glares at her and she is dumbstruck as to why, so when she is congratulated on her role in the event and is asked for her resume to be sent to the head of the CCP, she is more than elated, however, when she hears that the company is being restructured and she is called to HR the next week, she starts to overthink and convinces herself that she is being let go of, so when she is told that she is in fact being moved to a different magazine thanks to a recommendation and is to work directly under Nicholas as his Associate Art Director.

Mia throws herself into research about the demographic of this new magazine, so she is prepared for her first day and the staff meeting she will be in, when she finds out more about the magazine and what it will be all about, Mia has an idea already coming together in her head and goes straight to work on a pitch and three hours later emails it to Nicholas and is immediately called into his office to discuss how the meeting should have been three hours ago! She is unnerved and intimidated by the man, but when they discuss everything, he is nothing like what he seemed at the meetings and they end up having a difference of opinion and bringing out the worst in each other, to the point that Mia debates whether she can work with a man who hates her and cannot stand being around her. When she gets back from lunch, she is called into the other CEO’s office and to her astonishment and delight, she is presented with an apology for Nicholas’s behavior and the knowledge that her pitch has not only been discussed and has been accepted, but will be used as the layout for the inaugural issue! She celebrates over dinner with friends and when she gets home is exhausted but brimming with ideas, so she sets up her laptop and works until she falls asleep, however, the next morning doesn’t go to plan and she ends up being a little late to the office and is immediately called into Nicholas’s office, who proceeds to apologise to her, but things are said and they have another disagreement where he says things are not going to work between them on a professional level, hearing this, Mia forwards him what she was working on the night before and packs up her desk to go stay with her sister.

After a long talk with her sister and a good night’s sleep, Mia head to her sisters cafe to help out and work out all the feelings by baking, but when Nicholas turns up after she didn’t turn up for work and searching for her, she agrees to hear him out and after the air is cleared, they return to the office to work on the magazine and she is told that they will be going to Athens in a couple of weeks to work on the next issue. Will Mia and Nicholas be able to work through their differences and together create something beautiful, or will their temperaments get between them and send things off the rails? This is another sweet romance with a carousel of mystery, heartbreak and love rotating throughout where past mysteries collide with current events in a way that would never be expected.

Reviewed by @roxsannel

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