The Lightning Horse (Empire at Twilight Book 1) by N.L. Holmes – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

The Lightning Horse (Empire at Twilight, #1)The Lightning Horse by N.L. Holmes
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In the land of Hatti, Tiwatipara is a charioteer and he drives the chariot of the Prince Nerikaili, son of The Sun and he is very proud of his work with both the chariots and the horses who pull them. This day is no different when The Sun’s new pair of stallions are being shown off to a crowd of royalty, fellow charioteers, the staff who work at the stables, as well as other inhabitants of the city, it is a proud day for Tiwatipara who has been invited to ride in The Sun’s chariot, however, this chance is taken away when The Sun is called away on urgent business and instead Tiwatipara stays on the sidelines and his father and grandfather ride in the chariot, however, this is both a blessing and disguise when the chariot crashes killing Tiwatipara’s father and gravely injuring his grandfather and because he was the one to prepare and check the carriage over, the guilt he carries from that day from thinking that he was the cause of it changes his life forever.

Three years later and things within the kingdom are in flux, old enemies are reappearing and new enemies are trying The Sun’s patience by wasting his time with meaningless requests and platitudes while working against him in the background. Tiwatipara is still driving Prince Nerikaili’s chariot, however he does so recklessly and this puts others in a predicament while dealing with him and from that day, he feels like his and his families fortunes are on the descent and that they are being punished for some reason. As things become more confused and conflicting within Hatti, Tiwatipara is given information which again changes the course of his life, but will this be for the better, or for the worse and how will it affect those around him?

This is a historical fiction with intrigue, secrets, betrayal, love and hate where nothing is as it seems and will keep you reading to both know what happens in the end, all while learning more about the culture and the history it is based upon.

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