Myths & Legends: An Indie Love Anthology – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Myths & LegendsMyths & Legends by Laura Greenwood
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book contains tales of romance where nothing is simple and everything is fantastical.

Mistress Of Sky And Stars is all about Nut and Geb, they have a forbidden love and when their secret is revealed, it is a race against time for a god and a goddess to enable the birth of their children, but will they manage in time, or will they be lost forever?

Queens of the Underworld is a lesbian retelling of the story of Persephone and Hades, but the twist is that Hades is the job title of the ruler of half of the Underworld and Maia has just gotten the job, but will the duties and challenges she face be made easier or harder by Persephone who rules the other half?

Frost And Flame is the story of a Phoenix called Carrie who is responsible for ending and rebirthing the world, however, she is special as she has both Fire and Ice within her, but they also carry the risk that she will be consumed by one before she has the chance to use her skills, will she be able to learn how to control both facets of her powers, or will she be have to choose just the one?

In Search Of Ghosts is s story of betrayal, mystery and true love where Alec has just lost his father and all his plans and goals have been derailed by the betrayal accompanying is, so when he decides to try and follow a ghost from his past, will it turn out in sync with his mothers memory, or will it lead to something unexpected, yet unbelievable?

In Cursed To Love is a twist on the typical tale of a hero and their quest, this is the story of one the ones who protect these objects of desire, they are the cursed, each curse is different and in the case of Maya, her curse is one of love and only love can undo it, but until that one person can come along who wants her for her and not the object she protects, she will kill anyone who tries to take it from her. Will this ultimate love story be told in a favourable light, or will death be the only solution?

I Do It For You is another retelling, this time of Robin Hood where Millie had everything her heart desired, the job, the hot boyfriend and the best friend who knew all her secrets, that is until one disaster of a night destroyed it all. When a letter is delivered with information about an uncle she had no idea existed and then she meets Micheal, a bad boy with a secret past. Will this mystery man be able to help her figure out who this uncle was and what the other benefactors mentioned in the letter might do, or will her life continue to crash down around her?

The final story is Dragon’s Heart and the story of dragon mates Geraint and Mary. Geraint is a dragon shifter and member of the Welsh Dragon Guards, a secret military elite who investigate the actions of a group of people hunting mythical creatures, all the while, keeping his home village safe and he has been waiting a long time to find his mate. Mary has had dreams of dragons all her life, but the night of her twenty-first birthday, a mystery man makes an appearance, his name is Geraint and he is hot as hell, but he is just a dream, isn’t he?

This indie romance anthology is filled with fantastical tales with something for everyone and well worth a read to discover something new.

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