Blue Summer Part One by Everly Taylor – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Blue Summer Part OneBlue Summer Part One by Everly Taylor
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Lillie is a girl on a mission, she wants to become a fixture in the fashion design world, but in order to do that, she needs to start at the bottom and today, this means that she has to carry a load of clothing designs by one designer to a meeting with another designer, however, she did not expect the humidity and weight of the clothing to combine to make her walk one which can only lead to being a sweaty mess. However, as she is making her way down a particularly busy road, someone decides that they want her purse, so when the guy in question slams into her back and causes her to try and pull her bag back, this causes her to fall flat on her back side and drop all of those designer pieces all over the floor.

As Lillie is raging at this unknown assailant, an unknown male voice drags her from her thoughts and helps her up from the floor and when she turns to look at her mystery helper, little does she realise that it is a Zayed, and a hot, sexy one at that. Thinking little further than that, she thanks him and starts to chase after her assailant while shouting to ask whether the Zayed will watch ehr things until she gets back, not that she is expecting that to happen in the slightest. Lillie is confident that she can outrun and outsmart the purse snatcher because she knows the area like the back of her hand and knows all the shortcuts, however, when she sees that the Zayed is hot on her heels and determined to continue helping her, she agrees and as he is going after the other guy, she takes a shortcut and gets in front.

When the predicted appearance of the culprit comes to pass, she hauls him down from the fence, kicks him in the ribs and repeats the move he used on her to get the bag, thus dragging him back and relinquishing her purse from his clutches, it is at this point that the Zayed comes back and scares the living daylights out of the guy before escorting her back to where they first met, but she is amazed to see another Zayed gathering the clothing and insisting that the two of them escort her to her destination, but not before falling into her and nearly getting her run over by a bus! Lillie reluctantly agrees to their offer of help and before she knows it, she is at her intended destination with minutes to spare, thanks the Zayeds and whilst thinking that they are nothing like they have been portrayed, they are polite, hot as hell and just genuinely nice people and the only thing different about them is their blue skin. After freshening up, Lillie goes into her meeting, however, it doesn’t go well and after she storms out and goes home. It is on her way that she realises that she is being followed by someone and just as she makes a break for it and almost reaches her apartment, they pop in front of her out of thin air and then proceed to kidnap her.

When she wakes up, she is locked in a room in a tall tower, so she looks around to try and see if she can get out of the window, however, while she is moving a footstool over to it, she knocks a vial of something which breaks all over the floor. When the kidnapper returns to the room to question her, she cannot give him the answers he is looking for, but she manages to make a break for it when the kidnapper lets his guard down and as she is running she bumps into the two Zayeds from earlier in the day and they are accompanied by another two as they run to her aid, but what will happen when they get to safety? Will Lillie discover somewhere she could find happiness, or has she just walked into a more dangerous scenario than the one she left? This is a story full of magic, romance, secrets and revelations all rolled into one, as well making you think about lifes preconceptions and how this can affect how you see the world.

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