Mariekkela: From Finland, with Love by Stuart Ledwith PhD

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Mariekkela: From Finland, with Love by Stuart Ledwith PhD
Genre – Historical romance, Inspirational
Page Count – 213 Pages
Cover Designer – Tom Clasper
This book describes a dream of my adolescence. In it I was a soldier in the Finnish Army fighting in the 1939 Winter War against Russia. I was killed and my fiancé was badly injured. It is her story of bravery and recovery and ensuing transition to her next life.


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I have always enjoyed talking with souls wherever they are on their ethereal journeys. Many have wonderful stories to tell. I love listening to them and writing those stories. This is another such work. I’d like to thank all the souls involved who have shared their past and present lives to fulfill my dream in this book.

Author Interview With Stuart Ledwith PhD





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