Forbidden Wolf (The Shadow Chronicles Book 1) by C.R. Robertson – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Forbidden WolfForbidden Wolf by C.R. Robertson
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This is the story of Tasha and Levi, Tasha is a vampire with special gifts which she has to hide from her coven, she doesn’t have much affection from her parents, but she adores her little sister and now that Tasha is nearing twenty one years old, after her next birthday she will be conscripted into the vampire army, but she always feels trapped by her coven and the secrets she has to keep, so every night she goes into the forest around her to be free and be herself while nobody is watching. When she does this she can use her gift to sense the world around her and connect with the souls residing within it and her main goal is to find an elusive balck jaguar which has been seen around the base. Levi is a werewolf with a distinctive black pelt, he is a loner and prefers to spend his time in the forest learning about what resides within it when he isn’t hunting to prepare for when he joins with others in a military unit, but this one day both Tasha and Levi run into each other on the boundaries of their respective lands when she believes he is the black jaguar and sensing what the other is, they bite each other in an attack first and ask questions later way that their kinds have been trained to do during the war between their races and afterwards, fully expecting that they will die within a few hours from the poisons contained within each.

As they stand and argues over who bit who first and why, as well as what they are going to do now, so as the poisons flow through their systems, they introduce themselves to each other and although neither wants to be with the other as they die, Levi mentions a cave nearby where they can spend their last few hours together and talk. When they get there and they sit with each other, neither of them can deny a certain attraction fizzling between them, Tasha hasn’t felt like this towards anyone else in her coven and she is both scared and excited by it, but she also feels strangely safe with him, Levi is just as confused at his feelings about Tasha and when they share a kiss as they lay dying on the cave floor, the unfairness of the situation really takes hold, especially when Tasha has a last course of bloodlust, she can’t resists biting Levi and tasting his blood one last time. However, as they bite into each other something happens and they start to heal and recover and one thing leads to another and they are kissing again while still mystified at what has happened until the sun rises and Levi shifts into his wolf form to protect Tasha from the deadly rays, but as night falls they reemerge from the cave and walk back to the boundaries discussing their surroundings on the way.

What should have been a death warrant, was something they couldn’t resist as they agree to meet again the next night and many nights after that, however, as their time together comes to an end they agree to meet again once their conscription ends, however, the war isn’t all it is slated as and the future becomes more uncertain for them every day they are fighting, especially when a new enemy comes to the fore, but will they be able to keep their love a secret and stay alive long enough to allow their plans to come to fruition, or will fate intervene and rip them apart? This is an action packed forbidden paranormal romance with plenty of action thrown in for good measure which will keep you hooked until the end.

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