Potager Plot (A Backyard Farming Series Book 5) Vikki Walton- Review by Lauren West

Potager Plot (A Backyard Farming Series, #5)Potager Plot by Vikki Walton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is my first book by Vikki Walton, and I am happy I took the chance and picked it up. This book is full of life, and not just with the plants. Ann is feisty, funny, sweet, and a mystery magnet. Strange events or people questioning them seem to flock to her for help and she doesn’t really mind.
Anne has found a passion in garden design, and begins helping out with the gardening club. When she arrives to begin a new design with Billie a current member she stumbles upon much more than flowers, dirt, and soil. She discovers Billie’s dead body, and doubts it was an accident. Much to her fiancée Carson’s’ disapproval she begins her own investigation and finds that there was lots to be said, and not everything was as it seems.
This book was a lot of fun, The women in the garden club shared a unique bond and were all caring, sweet, and supportive of each other. All the characters in this book were very well written and well developed.

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