Unexpected Entanglement (The Echo Series Book 3) by C.R. Alam – Review by Angela Shirley

Unexpected Entanglement (Book 3 of the Echo Series)Unexpected Entanglement by C.R. Alam
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rowan Kelly and her family are enjoying refurbishing their family farm and Inn. With her brother Kieran running the farm and making it a success, the building work is going along on the Inn which is her domain. When one night her Dad decides to divulge a secret which rocks the family but also leaves Rowan and her brother in limbo.

Chris is visiting the Farm and Inn which Rae has been informed that she has a third in, but that her siblings are just getting over the shock of her arrival on the scene, so as Rae’s friend he offered to scope out the Inn and see what is going on.

Once Chris arrives he is instantly drawn to Rowan and with things mysteriously going wrong at the Inn and trying to cater for Rowan’s cousin’s wedding, can they find the saboteur and making the wedding a success in a matter of weeks. All trying to juggle Rae arriving and a fake engagement, you will have to delve in to find out.

I love this series and was waiting for Chris’s book as he has flitted in and out of the past two books you don’t really get to the bones of the man until this book. This can be read as a stand alone book as the author does reference some information from previous stories which enhances and adds information to this story.

I loved the chemistry between these two characters and that at first they were prickly to each other but as they got to know each other you are just willing them to believe they are meant for each other. I loved the secondary characters and would love to read Kieran’s story in the next book.

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