Scarlet Princess (Lochlann Feuds Book 1) by Robin D. Mahle and Elle Madison – Review by Erica Shoebridge

Scarlet Princess (The Lochlann Feuds, #1)Scarlet Princess by Robin D. Mahle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

GREAT start to a trilogy I look forward to devouring. I was hooked from the start, when we meet our rebel princess being captured in enemy lands after an attempt to smuggle contraband alcohol. She is a sassy, brave, and intelligent girl of 17, who is entangled in the Socairan justice system, which is much more heavy-handed than her own. She attempts to pretend to be as demure as the women of Socair, but can she hold her tongue long enough to be set free? This was a great journey, loved watching Rowan cause the men to blush and being anything but the well-trained lady. Loved the characters, including the friend she makes from another Socair clan, and the villain who angles for her death. Very well-written, great heroine, and fun plot. I’m going to have to go back and read the other books from the Lochlann Treaty!

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